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Road To Evo: CEO 2012 Thursday Video Round-Up

We made it out to CEO early and snagged some awesome pre-event interviews as well as a venue tour with Jebailey! Check out one of the most hype events in the FGC! Venue Tour-http://youtu.be/nDYdlkA-4RA Arturo Sanchez-http://youtu.be/KJU_72_Mxrs TS Nerd Josh-http://youtu.be/XE9CheI_VyE Keits-http://youtu.be/fjxy8gZX4XU FW ShinJay-http://youtu.be/dVaCYUPDc_M


The Reload June 5-11 get all of your eSports news from BossFightTV

As always the world of eSports was buzzing with excitement this weekend with some great events including the MLG Spring Championships, Medion LoL Tournament, GSTL, IPL Team Arena, East Coast Throwdown 4, GOW.SE Tournament, 2GD Quake Invitational and some Shootmania awesomeness! Check out our latest episode here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDgsKg6NqGs


BossFightTV hits Destructoid

BossFightTV is looking to expand our viewer base and most of our staff are members here on Dtoid. We love the community and want to bring the awesomeness of eSports to you! Here's what BossFightTV is all about! BossFightTV w...


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