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Bory Borham avatar 8:59 AM on 03.15.2013
Love: Locria's Facade

I knew I had to do something from Mother 3. It shows love in so many interesting ways. I suppose this painting is trying to explore Locria's relationship to the white mouse, as well as the relationship she has with herself. While playing the game, I got the feeling that there was a deep sadness in this character because of an inability to love themselves for who they really were. Also, I was watching a shit ton of RuPaul's Drag Race recently.

I really wanted to add some reality to the subject, so I did that the best that I could. I started waaayyy later than I planned to, so I guess my process was like this...

I think Fassad looks a little bit like Sheiky Baby so I watched a million Iron Sheik videos on youtube, snapping screenshots when he looked the most sad. Learned that typing "Iron Sheik Chris Benoit" into youtube was the quickest way to get a sad Sheik. After I had some screens, I picked the one that I liked the best and sketched it out on a canvas (altering it slightly to look more like Fassad). I used google image searching for references of every single thing I wanted to put in the painting... couldn't find a shot of a mouse in the position I needed, so I just had to wing it.

After I got the sketch down I just painted all up on it with Golden Open Acrylics. Never used them before, but they are pretty rad. Its basically just slow drying Acrylic Paint. I don't really know if there is any easier way to paint, but for the most part, I painted every item one at a time. If I saw anything that I could easily fix, I made a mental note and went back and fixed everything up when I was nearly finished with the painting. I had my computer on the whole time with references handy. Got a little bit of paint on my mouse, but it was worth it.

I think it took like 30 hours-ish total. I have no idea... I painted most of the time that I wasn't at work this week and stayed up all last night to get it done... I hope you folks like it. <3

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