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Boomsling's blog

5:02 AM on 11.18.2009

[MYTHBUSTER] Modern Warfare 2 : Sending Trojans via IWNet?

There are some forums posts on IW and Steam about a group call KoT (german for faeces?) going around griefing in MW2 multiplayer. Due to the internet's open door policy on ass-holes this comes as no real surprise. There is always a new group of nobs trying to be the next myg0t. However what is alarming is the claims that they are able to compromise the host and send trojans via the IWnet 2p2 network.

Donvanbadboy has this to say on IW forums:

''It's possible if you host a game for a hacker client, and it's possible if you don't host a game, but are connected to a hacker hosting the game. If the game's net code is not 100% secure then it could be possible to craft special packets of data to cause buffer over-runs (stack smashing). This injects hackers code into your computer, which executes it, and hey presto you have a remote code execution hack. If the code's written well it's possible to make it secure, but stack-smashing bugs are so often overlooked.''

I dont know him or who he is so he could be way off the mark here....

Anyone here in the know about p2p and 'stack smashing' and care to comment?

Is this really possible?

I know diddley squat about programming but if they can start injecting their packets into my back door I'm not gonna be a happy bunny.


Sort of confirmed by this webby as a false positive (thanks to Jon B for the heads-up)



4:56 AM on 11.17.2009

[RUMOR] Official Modern Warfare 2 Dedicated Servers?

Doc, set the clock to 16 october, 2009..

Just saw this on bashandslash:

Update 1 Midnight Oct 15 '09

Aside from the interesting Steam-related news, the latest I have heard related to dedicated servers was a comment from a GSP (anonymous source as he wanted anonymity) that dedicated servers will in fact be available. Apparently, he was contacted by IW on this topic recently.

Given that GSP's love the Steam interface...could we in fact be heading for an online Steam+dedi server scenario?

Lets hope it's not bullshit journalism.

If they build it, we will come.   read

9:25 AM on 11.16.2009

Modern Warfare 2 : Multiplayer cracked

As predicted those industrious scene groups have produced a working online version of MW2 complete with a re-enabled dev console. Not bad for under a weeks work eh?

There are a few cracks around, some that let you install without steam being required for a working single player and some other multiplayer cracks have just surfaced that allow you to play online on special ops missions and through Steam & IWnet.

There are even reports of dedicated servers. I have read that they have a few boxes up and running with dedicated servers running on them.


my face before I found out o_o

my face when I found out o_o

my face after I found out o_o

(Please note my complete lack of surprise.)

I have purposely not revealed the names of the groups that have produced these cracks and work-arounds as any piracy of this game only feeds the monster. IW will view each and every torrent as a lost sale.

The only way to make IW see any error of their ways would be to let this game slip into obscurity as quickly as possible.

Add to this the proliferation of hacks and cheats abound within WM2 multiplayer and you end up with the 'Jack Sparrows' playing along side the paying customers and Jack doesn't care if he does get banned as all it takes is a valid email address and you can sign right back up with Steam and jump back on IW net.

GG WM2, see you in the bargain bin soon.   read

11:02 AM on 11.09.2009

PCFormat GameNight IV CoD4 - Why I Stopped Worring and Learned to Love the Bomb

I expected our next Call of Duty game night to feature MW2 but I.W.'s dropping of dedicated servers and many other essential PC features soon put paid to that idea.

Its sad that you wouldn't be able to cut people in half with a automatic turret or wipe out entire teams with a tactical nuke.

People actually cried when they realised that the possibility of circling a few hundred feet above the map and of picking people off one at a time from a AC110 was relegated back to the land of day dreams and wishful thinking.

Well dry your eyes its time to get happy.

Fuelled by a more than unhealthy desire to stick it to IW I've found the perfect mod for CoD4 that brings some of the best bits of MW2 to CoD4:

• Naplam Airstrikes
• AC130 Gunship 25mm Gattling Gun
• AC130 Gunship 40mm Cannon
• AC130 Gunship 105mm Cannon
• Nuclear Warhead Airstrike


The carnage and destruction will commence on Thursday 26th November 7pm - 9pm.
The mod will automatically download when you join our server.

Original maps only - Team Deathmatch

Server IP =

Hope to see you there.

'Yeeeehaaaaaaaa!' - Major "King" Kong

- PCF on Twitter - PCF Steam group - PCF Xfire Group - PCF You Tube -


This will be a first come, first served basis tourney. Should your connection drop mid game and you lose your slot its too bad, sorry. Tourney will continue without you and your score wil be lost.

Only players with a UK address are legible for prizes (you will need to register on PCFormats forums to claim your prize)

No cash alternatives

Top player of first to 'x' amount of kills get through to the final ( 'x' will be dependent on the amount that show up. Each game should last approx 20 mins.)

The amount of peeps that play in the final will depend on the amount of players that turn up for the event. My guess will be 5 players in the final playing for the 5.1 Gaming Headset.

Any disputes/draws etc will be decided by a knife fight for the amusement of admin.

Admins desision is final no matter how unfair, wrong, mental or corrupt.

- Server Guidelines & Code of Conduct -   read

7:13 AM on 11.06.2009

MW2 - How the pirates might win for now but we all will lose eventually...

IWNet wants your gold.

Looking back at CoD4 and when they released the DLC for the xbox they charged $$$ for it but there is no way or buisness model that meant they could charge us PC gamers. So to cover the loss in revenue they got a sponsor (turned out to be nvidia) for the map pack. IWNet ties this up nicely by introducing a pay per download basis.

It got nothing to do with ensuring the players experience is 'the best it can be' spin-bollocks put out by IW. They are a business and however short sighted that business may be they are in it for the money.

I can almost guarantee that within a couple months the code is cracked and that there are versions freely available that do not rely on IWNet, that also re-introduce the features they have nerfed like the lean and console command system and also a version of MW2 that runs on cracked dedicated servers.

PC Gamers need to make sure we don't fall for the quick fix.

If the pirates do crack MW2 it will undoubtedly be more popular that IW's version, This turns the whole reason behind IWNet and other similar systems into a self fulfilling prophecy, and when other company's look at those 'loss of sales' figures they wont also look at the true reasons behind them. The bottom line is they will view PC gaming negatively. They will do less.

All we will have to look forward to is more stringent DRM/Secrom/IWNet-esq counter piracy systems being introduced and direct console ports only.

The end of days is nearly upon us already:-

Rebellion - Aliens vs predators : No dedicated servers
iD - Rage - No dedicated servers
Codemasters - OF:Dragon Rising - No dedicated servers

iD have publicly confirmed that they are glad IW are blazing the trail for them, they like the rest are now sitting back waiting to see what happens.

What can we do?

Take no 'booty' and and make no sale.   read

6:03 AM on 10.23.2009

Gaming/PC industry backs petition for dedicated servers in Modern Warfare 2

The support to bring back dedicated servers continues to grow, why cant IW see what they are doing is wrong.

It gets worse too, recent news from IW also reveals that its capped to a max of 8 v 8. Rubbish!

Due to the bandwidth of a average home internet connection I doubt we will even get to see a 16 slot server on this P2P shit. . This move by IW will have implications further down the line. If all major development houses go this route this really will end gaming on the PC. Why they hell would I spend £1000's on a rig when Im going to get EXACLTY the same game and experience on a £190.00 console?.

Game innovation will end up being retarded as will the technologies they currently run on.

nvidia and AMD need to watch out.The GPU market will shrink considerably. The on going race for the fastest pixel pusher will slow down if not dry up completely for PCs.

Although IW doesn't seem to care at least as few from within the industry are prepared to speak up in support of bringing back dedi's...

"We feel it's important to support the unique community needs of the PC community. Dedicated servers are a big part of this, and we recognize that requirement. We're putting a server browser and matchmaking in 1943 PC and the same features are intended for BFBC2. "

Alan Kertz DICE - Source: EAUK Forums

"At the last glance, 90,000 gamers had signed a petition asking for dedicated server support to be reinstated. Those gamers are right. I've signed the same petition, and I think you should, too. Here's why."

Tim Edwards - PCGamer UK - Source:

"Do I think it's the right approach? No. I personally think the best answer is to supply matchmaking AND dedicated server support. As for chopping mod support, I don't agree with that at all, but if you're going to chop dedi servers, what's the point of creating an SDK?"

Chris Thornett - PCFormat UK - Source: PCFormat Forums

Other news just in....

Here's what you would have needed to run it.

Hard Drive Space: 16 GB free hard drive space
Operating System: Windows Vista/XP
Processor: AMD 64 3200+ or Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz or better
Video Card: Shader 3.0 or better 256 MB nVidia GeForce 6600GT / ATI Radeon 1600XT or better

Here is what we need before we will run it:



4:07 AM on 10.21.2009

IW Respond's to the dedicated server fiasco, badly...

A statement has appeared on from Robert Bowling at Infinity Ward.

My responses are in itallics..

Matchmaking and Smoother gameplay will automatically find you a game with the best performance, ping, and preferences based on your location and individual connection as well as matching you with players of your same SKILL. So you’re always guaranteed the best game performance for where you are and what connection you’re playing on as well as an equal game with other players of your same skill level, not rank, but skill level. It doesn’t mean you’ll just be thrown into a random game! It will put you in the game that will give you the smoothest gameplay possible without you having to manually find a server with the best ping.

[i]Brillant. We already know how a lobby works. Thank you Mr Obvious.
Its for the reasons above that we do not want a lobby system[/i]

Playlists and private matches

..However, say you’re in a clan and you want to play a Clan match with another team, or you want to practice for an upcoming tournament that has specific rules in a private game. Then you can start a Private Match (which is essentially like running your own private server) where you have complete control over the rules, who can join, boot players you don’t want, and essentially control the entire game or tweak it to your liking.

...and when [NuB]ScreechyKid's parents tell him its time for bed, the server shuts down as they pull the plug. Awesome.

Cheat / Hack Free Games

The biggest benefit of using IWnet by far is the fact that you don’t have to worry about joining a server full of aim-bots, wallhacks, or cheaters. Or relying on the server admin of the server to constantly be monitoring, banning, and policing it. Modern Warfare 2 on PC allows us to control the quality of the game much more than ever before as well as utilizing the VAC (Valve-Anti-Cheat) system to keep games clean of hackers and cheaters.

Bold statement, 'cheat free' games. No online game is cheat free, Private hacks are out their and as the are not in mass use within the wilds of server land they can remain undetected for a long time. That being said I welcome the introduction of VAC, its less intrusive than PB. Anyone with a amBX system cant use it with CoD4 at the moment as you get kicked for 'disallowed program/driver'. PB;s support sucks, but that could fill an entire separate blog post....

All in all, IWNET adds a load of new features that the PC version of our games have never had before and allows us an infrastructure to continue to update and improve on the game post-launch.

Never had before and that the community, as a majority, never wanted. Dangling a carrot stating future changes and updates is probably just a empty promise that they are expecting us to read as 'code for the dedi servers might get released one day, maybe'


So what have we learnt here, ZERO. Apart from IW's blatant disregard for the CoD communities concerns. I (we?) need to know the following:

Yes or No - Will we ever get the dedicated servers?
Does IWnet use P2P hosting, like xbox live etc?
Custom maps, are they still do-able with IWNet?
Is there any mod support within IWnet?
WTF is IWNet really, can it evolve into something like steam when you can run a lobby system and a standard server list, like Left4Dead was coerced into doing ?

Come on IW, you doing and handling this all wrong....You cannot dig your way out of a hole.

We want FACTS not spin.   read

7:32 AM on 10.20.2009

MW2 Petition - On the brink of 100K sigs

I stated on a previous blog entry that I wouldnt sign as I did think that they would achieve anything of significance, I've gladly been proved wrong.

100,000 x £35.00 = 3.5 MILLION nett loss in sales.(based on a £35.00 per copy)

I love you internet.




P.S The banner self updates with the current amount of signatures, clicking on it also take you to the petition. ( I stole the banner from some IW forums, thanks to whoever made it)   read

8:20 AM on 10.19.2009

PCF FightNight II - Video of Final


We ran a tourney for CoD4's GunGame mod and gave some nice Steel Series gaming gear to the winners. These are winners - AimZ and Auric Panky.

Next event on 29th October.   read

6:22 AM on 10.18.2009

Infinity Ward Drops a Bollock With Dedi Servers (MW2)

Community manager Fourtwozero has let slip that MW2 will not be shipping with dedicated servers. Instead we are getting some IWNet crap that runs along side steam. I cant even be bothered to find out what IWNet is.... Sounds like some XBL shit to me...

Here's a summary from

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - copy/paste - - - -

We're doing a lot on the backend to make the game accessible for everyone.
There is no delay for the PC version of MW2
There's prestige mode
Jason West at the MP event, said that he was dead on, on the matchmaking servers.We've been building a system on the backend called IW.NET.
You are completely reliant on IW.NET. There are no server lists. There are no dedicated servers.
You have private matches where you can customize the game
You cannot put MW2 on a dedicated server.
This is the first time we've ever done something like this and the team has huge plans for what IW.NET develops into.

Customizing your have quite a few options in a private match
You're getting same game (as in Console), plus matchmaking and private match.
Server admin point-of view, NO DEDICATED SERVERS


IW partnering through Steam is what you will see in the future. Matchmaking is not through Steam, but IW.NET is run in conjunction with Steam.
GSP's will no longer be renting out servers.
No PunkBuster. VAC will be used as an anti cheat.
Retail distribution: Pre-orders will get a disk. Or you could order from Steam.
DLC may now need to be paid for - not confirmed.
Piracy was only a small reason for going to IW.NET - not the whole reason.


No more clan servers. Private matches, replace clan servers.
Listen servers will connect to each other.
IW.NET/Steam will replace the community server admin

Competitive Gaming

Competitive gaming has changed forever.
It might be possible in the future for IW engineers to load a "competitive" setting on IW.NET, but it is far from a guarantee. It might also never happen.


Modding the game is now very much in question. Fourzerotwo had no info on modding. However, it appears that there will be no mods or maps for MW2.
Modding in SpecOps? Unknown.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - /end - - - - - - - - -

Its the PC gamers that has supported the CoD series over the years, as a customer I feel completely shafted by IW.

If they have been spending all that money developing IWNet then this is not something that is going to be changed easily.

We are slowly being forced in a era of gaming that will soon completely merge console to PC, there will be no benefit with gaming on the PC. Too many games are direct ports ( /carebare stares OF2:DR)

There is a petition you can sign if your into that type of thing, personally I don't think they achieve shit. The only thing or statistic that will influence them is a immediate drop in pre sales.

Short of an official announcement of a patch or them releasing the dedicated server files in the future I cant see myself parting with my hard earned.

R.I.P. CoD series   read

9:06 PM on 10.16.2009

GAME NIGHT III Obscurity Mod -If it bleeds, we can kill it'

GAME NIGHT III Obscurity Mod -If it bleeds, we can kill it'

Date: Thursday 29th October 7pm - 9pm

It's dark out there. The evenings are creeping in, which means there's never been a better excuse to play more games. Probably a good thing CoD4's next Game Night is here, then, and since it lands near Halloween I've found a rather spooky mod for us to play...

If you can recall the situation that the marines found themselves facing during the original Predator film - before the franchise degenerated into silly alien deathmatches - and you'll have a good idea what Obscurity Mod is all about. This mod sports a day-night cycle, a dynamic weather system and some pretty unusual weaponry and more (most of it gory).

It also drips with paranoia, as everyone take turns to play as the 'Obscurity'. A creature with predator-like cloaking, a sharp knife and few other tricks. The game play is elimination, based on a 3 to 1 ratio of marines vs the Obscurity. The Obscurity's objective is to kill everyone, the marines, well, they just need to focus on surviving the round either by killing the Obscurity or time running out. Sounds easy?

But will you be the one to survive?

Best screenies win a prize
Grab a copy of FRAPs or just be prepared to press 'print screen' at the right time, as we'll be giving away a prize from the PCFormat box of booty for the best screen grabs of the night (The prize will probably be some headphones).

Get practising!
The server is up now and the mod will automatically download when you join, as will any custom maps. Fast connection ( I get 2.3MB/s!)


7:19 AM on 09.28.2009

PCF Gamenight II - UPDATE

After the first PCF Game Night success (details here) you asked for a tougher and better test to show off your skills, which is why we're giving GunGame on CoD4 a PCFormat Plug this month!

How GunGame works...

Starting with the Beretta pistol, level your way up through all the weapons in sequence to the penultimate weapon, the Barrett M82. For your final, round-winning kill you'll need to get in a sly jab and clinch victory with your trusty knife. But get knife-killed at any point and you're lose a level!

Date: 1st October @ 7pm

How we're running the night...

We want PCF nights to be enjoyable and for players to see the prizes as a sweetener to what should be a good time had by all. We will still have prizes, but we're aiming for it to be a little more chilled out than our first event and to encourage as many folk to join in as possible.

During the evening we'll run special rounds of GunGame, where the winner of each round will go into a playoff with other winners in an all-against-all deathmatch of 20 mins on Shipment (or another custom map that's suitably claustrophobic, chosen by Boomsling, the PCFormat CoD4 admin).

The winner will get his mitts on a nice pair of Steel Series 3H headphones.

And the runner up will get the impressive QcK heavy pro gaming mouse mat .

Head here for Server code of conduct.

Look forward to see you there!   read

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