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Boomsling's blog

7:19 AM on 06.11.2011

Duke Nukem Forever : Hail or Fail?

Hell froze over and Duke Nukem finally got released and it got tits in it. Unfortunately that's the best thing I'l lhave to say about it. The graphics are bad, the textures look like its straight from the nineties, who k...   read

10:56 AM on 06.09.2011

MIRRORS EDGE 2 - Proof of life.

The sequel to Mirrors Edge has been confirmed by EA's Frank Gibeau as live and well at E3 and that it may use the Frostbite 2 engine, the very same engine thats being used for the upcoming BF3. Mirrors Edge + Frostbite 2 = winnage. moar infos here.....   read

5:44 AM on 06.09.2011

[NEW HEADER] Like it?

Not great ot this design stuff, you like? Im also getting this error when I click on 'my posts' Warning: require(/home/home/destructoid/public_html/incl_envolve.phtml) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such fil...   read

3:47 AM on 12.15.2009

MW2 - 402 gets called out by IW forum mods

There's a lot to read here, but fear not the WALL OF TEXT!!! Quote: Originally Posted by Fourzerotwo Nothing goes unnoticed. Even if we can't reply to everything, I and many of the team at Infinity Ward, do read everythin...   read

6:15 AM on 11.25.2009

PCF GAMENIGHT : CoD4 mod with best bits of MW2

We have thermonuclear weapons waiting to be played with at tomorrow nights CoD4 gamenight. Also a nice new AC130 with 25mm and 40mm cannons (that's the big plane that circles the map raining down death from above) Bring su...   read

9:28 AM on 11.20.2009

CoD6 / MW2 / WTFBBQ?

My wife bough herself a rather expensive blue wool coat while in London, guess what she's bought me to soften the blow. After a few carefully placed questions ( I dont want to discourage this kind of bribery) I think I kn...   read

5:02 AM on 11.18.2009

[MYTHBUSTER] Modern Warfare 2 : Sending Trojans via IWNet?

There are some forums posts on IW and Steam about a group call KoT (german for faeces?) going around griefing in MW2 multiplayer. Due to the internet's open door policy on ass-holes this comes as no real surprise. There is ...   read

4:56 AM on 11.17.2009

[RUMOR] Official Modern Warfare 2 Dedicated Servers?

Doc, set the clock to 16 october, 2009.. Just saw this on bashandslash: Update 1 Midnight Oct 15 '09 Aside from the interesting Steam-related news, the latest I have heard related to dedicated servers was a comment from ...   read

9:25 AM on 11.16.2009

Modern Warfare 2 : Multiplayer cracked

As predicted those industrious scene groups have produced a working online version of MW2 complete with a re-enabled dev console. Not bad for under a weeks work eh? There are a few cracks around, some that let you install ...   read

11:02 AM on 11.09.2009

PCFormat GameNight IV CoD4 - Why I Stopped Worring and Learned to Love the Bomb

I expected our next Call of Duty game night to feature MW2 but I.W.'s dropping of dedicated servers and many other essential PC features soon put paid to that idea. Its sad that you wouldn't be able to cut people in half ...   read

7:13 AM on 11.06.2009

MW2 - How the pirates might win for now but we all will lose eventually...

IWNet wants your gold. Looking back at CoD4 and when they released the DLC for the xbox they charged $$$ for it but there is no way or buisness model that meant they could charge us PC gamers. So to cover the loss in reven...   read

6:03 AM on 10.23.2009

Gaming/PC industry backs petition for dedicated servers in Modern Warfare 2

The support to bring back dedicated servers continues to grow, why cant IW see what they are doing is wrong. It gets worse too, recent news from IW also reveals that its capped to a max of 8 v 8. Rubbish! Due to the band...   read

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