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BoomingEchoes avatar 10:27 AM on 08.22.2013  (server time)
Chop Till You Drop: The Curious Case Of A Game No One Seems To Remember.

Hark! It exist!

An odd thing has happened since the announcement of the Xbox ONE, well, other then Microsoft succumbing to a slow, painful, lobotomy. The odd thing I'm talking about lies in the announcement of the to-brown-for-its-own-good sequel to the beloved Dead Rising series, Dead Rising 3; the gritty adventure thats supposed to appeal the the Call of Duty crowd (no... Seriously), and the fact that the game is an Xbox ONE exclusive, or even more recently how Capcom claims the game isn't going to be ported.

Okay, its cool, we've had to deal with exclusives before, to some of us its no biggie. But the biggest twist for me actually comes from the fans, not Capcom, that claim how the first game, Dead Rising, an Xbox 360 "exclusive," was never broke exclusivity. And  I have to say.. What?

Now, not to attack the Wii, it was a good little system that really did fall on terrible times, but folks seem to have a very large, collective, blind spot to the things that happened on or with that console. One of the larger things is something I may cover before its time in our consciousness gets too far away from us (if a year isn't too far already). But the overall feeling is that if it happened on the Wii, people won't remember unless it was very very positive, because so much seems to have fallen on the negative side of the line, that you can't see over that line. And I think thats why Dead Rising: Chop Till you Drop gets forgotten by the mass populace.
                                                                      The mass populace     

Any way, a lot of folks will most likely cry, "but the game is different, its not the same game!" To which I bleat back: So?

How many ports have we gotten this generation, a generation thats seemed to be built on the vertebrae of ports? Games with changes that range from small to large between them, to either appeal to more people, or to get the same bodies who bought the prior version, to feel like they needed to buy the newest to keep up. And how largely has it worked? Enough to keep a steady stream of ports coming, thats what I say!

The differences in this game are two fold. In the first case, because of the limitations of the Wii, the game couldn't handle nearly as many zombies on the screen as the 360 version. It was a difference of 800 zombies visible in the 360 version, to 100 on the Wii. I think that kind of ruins the fun of the game a little, but like all of this: thats just one man's opinion.

The second case actually makes the game sound a little more fun, in some cases:

•Each mission is timed individually instead of having a single countdown clock for the entire story.
•Minigames are unlockable after the main storyline is completed.
•A few psychopaths from the original version appear as zombies in the Chop version.
•Some survivors from the 360 version of are absent in on the Wii.
•The player may come across zombified animals, such as poodles and parrots. (Fuck yeah! Where was this in 2?!)
•The size of the mall is significantly smaller (possibly because of the Wii's limitations)
•The abilities to jump and take photos are absent in the Wii version.
•You can change the color of the blood (I'm sure because: Nintendo)
•72 hour mode and overtime is merged.
•A greater Emphasis on guns
•Cop Zombies actually shot at Frank if he stood still for too long.

Polly wants a port

But overall, the game really is the same adventure across both expanses. So to claim that a game isn't a port, when its largely the same game, with at least the same story and gameplay, feels foolish to me. But I'm sure thats the bottom line that Capcom is going to keep doing, if only because they'll finally take cues from their fans where they rarely have before.

Its no secret by the links I use, that I choose to frequent Destructoid. And it'd be even less a surprise if I end up posting this on Destructoid after I'm done doing so on my main blog. But I want to point out that its a weird thing to me to have this game go so forgotten on that site, simply because the review for the game, written by the wondrous Jonathan Holmes, was, if memory serves (in a post completely devoted to my memory serving me) one of the most controversial reviews of its time on the site, and by far one of Jonathan Holmes' most haunting memories, if what he says on Podtoid about it sometimes, is true. Yet I've seen so many comments that claim that exclusivity was never broken by Capcom, and thats ridiculous to me.

So what do you think, is Chop Til You Drop its own game and not a port, and why do you think it falls into this hole? Do you people turn a blind eye to some things that have gone down on the Wii, and if so, why? And why forget a game in this beloved series because of this?

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