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Boolean avatar 4:16 AM on 09.08.2007  (server time)
Then and Now: A scientific analysis on why everyone needs to shut the fuck up

Then: The Xbox was the fat band playing new kid at school when it turned up years ago. It was ridiculed by PS2 owners for its massive size and weight, many a comparison being made between it and objects viewable from the moon.
Now: The PS3 is now the biggest console ever made. The PS3 is praised for being so huge, since it must hold ‘massive power’, it's puny case trying to contain it all in, like He-Man flexing in a lycra top.

Then: PSX consoles break all around the world. A faulty laser requires users to play the consoles on their sides or upside down, sometimes turning the console that direction too. The problem gets worse until you are considered lucky to have a working one left. PS2 consoles then break all around the world. The faulty laser is so common, a class action law suit is filed against Sony.
Now: The Xbox360 has problems with overheating, 360 is ridiculed to death.

Then: The PS2 is the weakest console on the market. Xbox and Gamecube owners scoff at ports of PS2 games like Splinter Cell and RE4 as they have to be downgraded to run properly. PS2 owners do not care, because having more power does not make good games.
Now: The PS3 is the most powerful console on the market. Xbox and Wii owners scoff at the PS3 and claim having more power does not make good games.

Then: The PS2 is the cheapest console on the market. PS2 owners point and laugh at the Xbox for its enormous price tag, laughing behind its back and wondering why anyone would pay that much for a console.
Now: The PS3 costs more than launching a shuttle into space.

Then: Xbox owners pass notes in class giggling about how the PS2 does not have a hard drive, remarking how it’s the standard now for all things cool and hip.
Now: Microsoft launches a hard drive free SKU while the PS3 adopts it as standard. Developers bitch about not knowing which people will own a hard drive or not and that it is causing problems.

After running all the data through a computing number machine, scientists discovered the following: "Everyone needs to shut the fuck up unless you want to look like a fool next generation". They did tests and things.

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