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Boolean avatar 9:24 AM on 04.27.2008  (server time)
My 5 suggestions to improve Dtoid

Letís face it, Iím awesome. You know it, I know it, and your mum knows it 3 times a week. To top it off Iím bloody smart to boot, and just as luck would have it Iíve decided to share some of my intellect around. What follows are 2 suggestions I would really love to see implemented, 3 wish list items I would like to see but may not be possible, and a picture of a frog with a snail on his head.

1) Put article author names in the Dtoid feeds. Quite often I will only read an article because of who wrote it, and if the article seems something boring like ďJim Sterling found electrocuted from home made vaginaĒ, I might skip it unless I see the super awesome Chad wrote it. I know Iíve missed a few articles which seemed uninteresting from the title, but once I found out who wrote the article it turned out to be really good.

2) Give staff accounts a special Dtoid logo. Although Iíve been around on the site for a while now and know who is who, Iím sure there are a lot of people who have no idea who Wardrox is. In fact Iím willing to bet nobody outside of his ever growing list of rape victims has any idea who he is. For this reason I suggest that next to their account logo and name, a little Dtoid logo or just the words ďstaffĒ would be handy. I'm sure sometimes a staff member posting "Suck my balls" might be funny to us but just seems like a troll to newer members. If itís outside of the elephant blog software to do this, just change their username green. Well, except Wardrox, nobody cares about him.

3) Article images in RSS feed: Although this could be more of an issue to do with Bandwidth, how about inserting the story pictures in the RSS feeds as well?

4) Reply system in comments: Again this might be outside the blog software, but a reply/quote system in the comments section would be bloody amazing. Itís quite hard trying to have any discussion in the comments as it stands now.

5) New feature Ė Jims Monday rant. If lasagna cat has taught me one thing, itís that nobody likes Mondays. A spite filled rant each Monday similar to what reverend Anthony does on Retroforce go could be a great way to kick off the week.

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