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Boolean avatar 3:37 AM on 01.17.2008  (server time)
Here's why Wii software is a giant turd

Over at IGN Matt Casamassina posted a blog update complaining about how third Party Wii games are selling like ass. He's right, so far apart from Rock band barely any third party game has sold more than 2 copies. Suda 51 recently scratched his head over why his psychopathic genre mash of a blood fucking orgy flopped in Japan, and now all the developers seem to sitting around saying "What's going on?".

Know what the problem is? Production value. Every third party Wii game is a budget effort. Where as some games on the 360 and PS3 are costing around $20 million up to $70 Goddam million (MGS4), I'd say most games on the Wii cost around $5 to $10 million. Gamers see that, weigh it up to the dollar value of purchasing it, and then just grab COD4 instead. I mean seriously, who the Christ is going to choose Medal of Honor over COD4? Who is going to choose Rayman over Mass Effect? Who is going to choose Red Steel over Bioshock or MGS4? Now I realise that a lot of that budget it because it's top end hardware and the production costs are higher, but the Wii software is nothing even near the quality of what the PS2 had. Why?

Even great games like Z&W are low budget games. They are small games, testing the water games, and gamers donít want that. We are on better hardware than the PS2, yet I've seen no game that gets anywhere near the titles that console had - what we have now is all the crappy filler that was between good PS2 games. Developers seemed to have a field day with the PS2, yet when it comes to the Wii nobody seems to know what to do.

When a game gets released on the Wii with a production value of $20 or $30 million gamers will know and they will respond. It will actually sit up there with God of war 2 or Shadow of the Colossus or Ico or Gran Turismo. But at the moment the only people making high production games are Nintendo. Is it any surprise that those are the only games selling then? Will we ever see third party games equal to the quality of PS2 games? Is the secret to making a better game on the Wii as complex as "put some fucking money into your project jackass"?

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