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I like action, adventure, shooting, puzzle, exploring and fighting games.

I also do/like 3D Animation, Modeling and Special Effects, Filming, Game Design, Music Composition, Sound Effects, Sprites, Cinematics.

PS: My Brawl Code is 3566-1495-5618. Send me a message if you wanna play!
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10:59 AM on 10.05.2008

Well, in case you missed the news, the new official sites for the Metroid SR388 fan game are up. Von has done a great job on them, but they are still works in progress. Here are the links:

Main Site:

Metroid SR388

Metroid SR388 Blog:


so check them out, they're awesome, a demo is coming soon so stay alert!

Bombillazo Studios

Well, to tell you the truth, and this will be kinda ironic, I consider myself a humble person.

But this Remix I made has to be the best DJ KK remix ever, but don't take it from me, hear for yourself! Feedback form many viewers has been overall positive, and with the new AC game coming out, City Folk, I wish this where the official DJ kK song!

12:55 AM on 07.23.2008

Hey there.

Well I finally finished my first animated film about 3 weeks ago, and I'd like to share with all fo you here. Hope you enjoy. It was about 1 year in the making. (Notice: I was developing the film while learning maya)

Here is a brief summary:

A dormant volcano has woken up from its prehistoric slumber, and threatens the life of the island's inhabitants. What will the islanders do? What will happen? You'll have to watch to know.

Bombillazo Studios:

(2nd Notice: No person faint of heart and with a disposition to motion sickness should DEFINITELY NOT watch this movie ever.)

© Bombillazo Studios 2008. All rights reserved.

As a side note, yes, progress on Metroid SR388 is on. The game will be brutal.

5:24 PM on 04.23.2008

Hello there! Its El Bombillazo! Be sure to look at the new Metroid:SR388 trailer. Its a Metroid fan game, and its gonna be awesome! I'm helping VonRichter with the graphics and stuff, also check his blog for even more details of the game.

Check out my site too!

Bombillazo Studios