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Mark Smee avatar 6:27 PM on 06.02.2013  (server time)
Stop buying. Start playing.

About six months ago I decided to clear my backlog. To that end I created a rule for myself. I have to play two games that I already own before I can buy a new one.

To give you an idea, I have games going back to the Game Boy Colour that Iíve been telling myself ďIíll get around to somedayĒ. Before the rule, I would buy every single game that I thought I wanted to play. I didnít want to miss out on anything.

This was a ludicrous notion. My backlog only ever got bigger. I was still Ďmissing outí. How did owning the game make things any different?

I suppose in my mind the rationale was something like this. The difference between not buying a game and buying a game but not playing it, is the option to play the game in the future.

But what future? When exactly was I going to play these games? The answer is never. I realised that when I realised the following.

People will always be making new games! Forever!

Hence the rule. So far I have been sticking to it. Eventually I will have played every game that I ever bought. Frankly that should not be some kind of tremendous feat, but for me it is.

The last game I finished was Luigiís Mansion 2. I think that had I been keeping up my old game buying habits, I would have been distracted by two or three other games and not finished any of them.

Now Iím playing games more like I did back when I was a kid. It feels good to be giving each game itís due and itís been surprisingly easy to let go of the compulsion to pick up every major release. The strangest part about the whole thing is, now that I know Iím actually going to play my backlog, Iím looking forward to playing games that I have already owned for years.

Iíd be interested to see if Iím not alone on this. Do you buy more games than you can play? What does your backlog look like? Do you have any games that you keep saying you will get around to someday? Like me, have you stared into the abyss and realised itís time to change your ways?

Iím going to finish this entry by showing you just how bad I let things get. This is my backlog.

Wii U: 3 unfinished games
3DS: 3 unfinished games
PS3: 30 unfinished games
X360: 15 unfinished games
PC: 12 unfinished games
Wii: 10 unfinished games
PSP: 19 unfinished games
DS: 18 unfinished games
Gamecube: 6 unfinished games
PS2: 28 unfinished games
Game Boy Advance: 12 unfinished games
N64: 3 unfinished games
Game Boy Colour: 2 unfinished games
PSX: 7 unfinished games

[font=Times New Roman]Total: 168 unfinished games[/font]

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