I started gaming with the NES. I had quite a few games back then which are now mostly forgotten. I remember I had a game called Totally Rad. I never finished it but I always liked it because the bosses filled the screen and you could use magic to turn into animals. Also the game is called Totally Rad.
Back then there was no internet and I never bought magazines so I chose every game based on the box art. Which is how I ended up with Super Turrican. Turrican was my Mega Man, I never finished it.
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Mark Smee
11:08 AM on 12.11.2012

Say it in a Liquid Snake Voice.

My brother and I take a trip down memory lane and do something we haven't done in a long time. We play a game together.

Today we'll be playing Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life on the Gamecube. In this video we arrive at the farm and get to meet some of the locals. Lets a go.

Obviously Harvest Moon is a long term commitment that we will definitely not get bored with and probably keep playing forever. My plan is to find little Amadeus a wife. That is pretty much the end game for me, farming be damned.

See you in part 2.

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