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12:03 PM on 12.31.2008 // Bob Muir
Less than 12 hours to post your games on the 2008 Completed Games List!

Hey Destructoid, just a friendly reminder: from where I'm looking at it, you've got about half a day left to update the 2008 Completed Games List with the games you've completed this year! At about midnight PST, I'll be cutting the list off and starting a new one for 2009, so if you want stuff to count, you better get on it soon! Some people have been very diligent with their updates, but I notice some other people have posted sporadically with very big lists. Whatever your style has been, be sure to get your final games on that list ASAP!

Me? I'll be spending the rest of New Year's Eve attempting to update the list and finish off Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame before I have to head out for the evening's festivities. So, you know where my priorities lie.
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