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Boatz's blog

Boatz avatar 1:29 PM on 04.05.2012
A Trio Of Videos from Milo!

Since the CBlogs have been void of YouTube embedding for a while, I decided to post blogs for every three videos I do, just to make sure there's actually some beef to my post. Also, pictures! Pictures are cool, right?

Firstly, I review the new SSX, which is very, very cool. HA, cool. It's funny because snowboarding.

Next, I express my...distaste at a certain segment of the new Star Wars game, and paint a grim future for mankind.

And last but not least, a mini-review of an underrated gem of a racer, Blur, which is (until 4pm today) 75% off on Steam, and you should definitely give it a whirl.

And then I potter around on my keyboard for a bit, trying to fill up space. So, yeah, crazy weather we're having around here.


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