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Here's the deal..Yes I am an avid gamer, however I'm one who believes gaming isn't all about graphics and next gen detail (although those things are F$#%ing amazing). So if you like any type of rpg board or card games (or if you're like me and might kill someone if dead rising 2 doesn't get officially announced soon) ok let me explain urban dead so i can go on my decide if you want to play or not


that's gamplay..and as simple as it may be, it's quite addicting.

And here are the character types!

Private. Starts with basic firearms training, a pistol and spare ammunition.
Medic. Starts with first-aid training, a medical kit and a pistol.
Scout. Can move between adjacent buildings without stopping outside. Carries a flare gun and binoculars.

NecroTech Lab Assistant. Starts with a DNA Extractor, and is able to recognise NecroTech laboratories from the street.

Doctor. Can diagnose others' injuries, and carries two first-aid kits.

Police officer. Starts with basic firearms training, a pistol, a flak jacket and a radio.
Firefighter. Starts with a fire axe and a radio, and axe-handling training.
Consumer. Knows where specific stores are, when looting malls. Carries a random improvised weapon and a phone.

Zombie:. Rigor mortis has given you stronger attacks. By starting the game as a zombie, you'll start off more effective in combat than survivors who become zombies later in the game.


So now onto Dead Rising 2...WTF IS TAKING SO LONG CAPCOM..I mean seriously I'm about to start an underground army that's soul purpose is getting Dead Rising 2 AT LEAST officially announced.. (seriously though email me at if you have something to contibute about this..i plan on sending a letter ((as in hundreds of letters)) to capcom about how they need to announce it, and having an assload of other gamers complaining in it would be sweet)

Basically..I'm super pissed because i was SO PUMPED for dead rising before it came out it was ridiculous..and I loved it. and all this he said she said crap about dead rising 2 is driving me insane......I just want a sequal capcom :[

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