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10:26 PM on 02.07.2008

Good Idea Bad Idea: Portable Gaming

Good Idea: The Sony PSP is a slick portable gaming system highlighted by an impressive wide-screen display and PS2-like graphics. It also boasts built-in Wi-Fi, a Web browser, and the ability to play music and videos, as well as to store images. The best part about the psp is the hackability (word? it is) of it. [ ]. You can get anywhere from all the snes games ever made to some play station 1 games....yeah it's sick.

Bad idea: The Sony PSP's multimedia functionality is underwhelming, especially for video, requiring expensive memory cards. The load times on the UMD games can be excessive. [BUT to fix some of these problems] [[not that you heard that from me]]

The bottom line: The Sony PSP elevates portable gaming to the next level, but its multimedia functionality falls short of its full potential. [[ *cough* when not hacked *cough* ]]

Good Idea: The nintendo DS in my opinion is one of the greatest things to hit the gaming community since pac man. It seemed to make it okay to be a gamer in the eyes of my elders. With releases such as brain age and nintendogs this just further instills that "it's ok to play games persona" [little did they know That i was right back to some deathmatch game on my 360 as soon as they left] Gameplay can be fun...depending on the game developers.

Bad Idea:...yeah...I mean although it could be a pretty solid system for some younger people and casual gamers, MOST true gamers are going to stick with the's just more hard core. And the funcionality of the ds as far as media goes is literally USELESS.


The good...ummm it was portable....WAIT? omg they're making a new one i bet it'll be so much better....oh wait...

The Bad: The first Ngage do i put this....LAYM!!!!! for the new one here are the starting titles we can look forward too,

* Tetris
* Tetris Mania
* The Sims™2
* Doom
* FIFA 06
* Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06
* FIFA Street 2

yes that's under the BAD for a reason...This is not a gamers portable me, i had the first one...just don't get it..please

Galactic Pinball (Nintendo 1995) A
Golf (T&E Soft 1995) C
Mario Clash (Nintendo 1995) A
Mario Tennis (Nintendo 1995) B+
Nester's Funky Bowling (Nintendo 1996) A
Teleroboxer (T&E Soft 1995) B+
Vertical Force (Nintendo 1995) D
Virtual League Baseball (Kemco 1995) B
Wario Land (Nintendo 1995) A
Waterworld (Ocean 1995) C

Every game i had...and i played them nonstop...and now i need to wear was totally worth it :]

The bad. At the time there was no bad about virtual boy. Other than a friends wanting to play it NON STOP.

Sure there are other portable systems but I think you all get the idea.
I have a hardtime saying bad things about any portable system for the simple reason that anything that makes gaming more accepted in the community I am all for [except ngage].   read

9:44 PM on 02.07.2008

Left 4 Dead. We Want "Braaaains"

If you're like me. You can't wait for valves up and coming zombie thriller Left 4 Dead. As stated in a previous blog I have snagged an interview with Doug Lombardi, valve's director of marketing.
I got tired of waiting for answers so I decided to go right to the source and surprisingly, he accepted. I don't have the answers from him yet but here is what you zombie fans can look forward to in a few days.

Hope these are things you want to know :]

From: Doug Lombardi ([email protected])
Sent: Thu 2/07/08 5:14 PM
To: Joe Lonergan (Me) ([email protected])


No worries. Give us a few days to tackle these.


-----Original Message-----
From: Joe Lonergan [[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2008 5:32 PM
To: Doug Lombardi
Subject: Joe Lonergan: Destructoid

Hello. I'm Joe Lonergan. I am a blogger from the Destructoid gaming community and I cannot express how much I appreciate you taking your time to answer some questions about the upcoming game Left 4 Dead.So here we go.

Q: After viewing several Demo videos of the game, I'm curious as to how players acquire weapons. Do they just find them laying around, or are there designated places for them such as gun stores or sports shops?


Q: Are there different multiplayer game types?


Q:Do you plan on releasing a demo for the game? Also if possible can we get any inkling whatsoever of a release date for either PC or X box 360?


Q:One feature of the game I was a little shaky on at first was the Boss zombies. I have to admit though I'm really starting to like the idea of an element to keep the thrill going. Will these bosses be randomly placed every time left 4 dead is played like the other zombies? also how many Boss types will there be?


Q:I understand the game will also ship with four campaigns, each containing five maps. Do you plan on releasing downloadable content via steam and X box Live?


Q:I just have to know; What is your favorite zombie movie?


Q: In Left 4 Dead, the only weapons I have heard about are Rifles, Pistols, shotgun, pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails, are there any other surprises we can expect?


Q:I assume that Left 4 Dead will be all foot travel, but I keep hoping that In some parts of the game vehicular transportation of some kind will be possible. Any kind or transport other than legs (even a bike..) ?


Q: Will xbox users will be able to play with people on steam?


Q:What's going to make this game anymore different than all the other zombie games before it? What new gameplay mechanics can we expect that are specifically unique because of the zombie nature of the game?


Q:What are the main goals in each round of the game? Is it just to stay alive as a human or destroy humans as one of the infected or are there other goals as well?


Well Doug..Being the zombie horror freak that I am, I could go on forever asking about different elements of the game. However I really appreciate the opportunity for an interview so I'll be nice and close with one final question.

Q: Will there be some kind of leaderboard system for X Box 360 or PC? This is what usually keeps me coming back for more being that I am an alpha male (when it comes to gaming at least) who must strive for the high score.


I don't know if it's just me, but I CAN NOT wait for Left 4 dead. Stay Tuned as the answers will be posted the second I receive them.   read

11:43 PM on 02.05.2008

Left 4 Dead interview

Being the insanely smooth talking jack of all trades that I am I was able to schedual an interview with a higher up of valve studio [Doug Lombardi]. I will send him questions about the upcoming game and in turn he will send me his answers and other information about Left 4 Dead.

As a strong believer in the gaming community I an proposing the opportunity for you all to send me questions you would like answered and I will include them in my email :].

So comment them or email me at [email protected] and I will include them if they are worthy.

I'm sending the email tomorrow morning at Noon so hurry! And make sure to check my blog for the full interview. I will be posting it the second I recieve it.   read

2:56 PM on 02.05.2008

Urban Dead.rpg..also DEAD RISING 2!! Z(omg)ombies!!!

Here's the deal..Yes I am an avid gamer, however I'm one who believes gaming isn't all about graphics and next gen detail (although those things are F$#%ing amazing). So if you like any type of rpg board or card games (or if you're like me and might kill someone if dead rising 2 doesn't get officially announced soon) ok let me explain urban dead so i can go on my decide if you want to play or not


that's gamplay..and as simple as it may be, it's quite addicting.

And here are the character types!

Private. Starts with basic firearms training, a pistol and spare ammunition.
Medic. Starts with first-aid training, a medical kit and a pistol.
Scout. Can move between adjacent buildings without stopping outside. Carries a flare gun and binoculars.

NecroTech Lab Assistant. Starts with a DNA Extractor, and is able to recognise NecroTech laboratories from the street.

Doctor. Can diagnose others' injuries, and carries two first-aid kits.

Police officer. Starts with basic firearms training, a pistol, a flak jacket and a radio.
Firefighter. Starts with a fire axe and a radio, and axe-handling training.
Consumer. Knows where specific stores are, when looting malls. Carries a random improvised weapon and a phone.

Zombie:. Rigor mortis has given you stronger attacks. By starting the game as a zombie, you'll start off more effective in combat than survivors who become zombies later in the game.


So now onto Dead Rising 2...WTF IS TAKING SO LONG CAPCOM..I mean seriously I'm about to start an underground army that's soul purpose is getting Dead Rising 2 AT LEAST officially announced.. (seriously though email me at [email protected] if you have something to contibute about this..i plan on sending a letter ((as in hundreds of letters)) to capcom about how they need to announce it, and having an assload of other gamers complaining in it would be sweet)

Basically..I'm super pissed because i was SO PUMPED for dead rising before it came out it was ridiculous..and I loved it. and all this he said she said crap about dead rising 2 is driving me insane......I just want a sequal capcom :[   read

3:06 PM on 02.02.2008

Why Linux owns Windows

1. It's free...legally free.
2. Almost every useful application you would ever want to run on Linux is free.
3. When you want to update to the latest and greatest version, with all the latest and greatest features, you don't need to buy a new version...and if you want to stick with the old, you can.
4. Security. Defaults are much better than Windows. There are so many free options for increased security, SeLinux and Grsecurity just to name a couple.
5. All you need to learn about it is out there somewhere, for free, whether it's online, in a man page, or in a forum or newsgroup somewhere.
6. Performance...Linux almost never forces you to upgrade your hardware, and it always runs better on older hardware than windows.
7. Simplicity. Yes simplicity. Most young people think Windows is easy because that's what they grew up with and had the most exposure to. That's like someone in the US saying english is the simplest language.
8. The choices...the free choices, are endless. What filesystem do you want to use, what do you want installed or not installed on your system, what graphical interface do you want to use and how do you want to configure it, which pdf viewer do you want to use, etc. Windows will never be that flexible.

Sure some people get scared about linux but all it really is when it comes down to it is an operating system that constantly has more distros coming out due to the fact that anyone can update the source code and submit distrobutions.

I love it. And just abot 2 months ago I NEVER thought i would use linux. And for all you naysayors.. look up a linux live cd [google]..all you have to do is download it and burn the iso to a disk then BLAM..pop it in your computer and Linux loads..yup the full OS in about 2 minutes.

It's not that I hate microsoft..i mean i go to microsoft current technologies, so i guess me being taught by them should make me talk highly of them..but doesnt. Linux is just smoother and makes more sense.

cheers   read

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