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Bluth Banana Stand avatar 7:33 PM on 07.22.2010  (server time)
Intro Post: sorry it's a little late.

I just realized I didn't introduce myself. Wasn't fully aware of the protocol and kinda arbitrarily started posting random stuff. Not the best choice starting by ranting about Ocarina of Time. Speaking of which, I got serious, cleared my head, have been playing it all day and am loving it. I was way too bitchy and harsh about that game and to the commenters. I was having a really bad couple of days. So apologies to everyone I annoyed.

That said, my name is Adam.

Me after climbing Mount Doom

I reside in Philly with my bride to be, Maria. I'm a trained illustrator but currently, teach history. I love gaming and all things related.
Been gaming for 22 years and owned a plethora of systems as time progressed. Lost almost all of them in a flood in 2006. Was left with a PS2 and it broke. Bought another one. It also broke so finally have a fatty and it's pretty solid.

Got into next gen gaming over the last 3 years. Love my 360 and Wii. Love Xbox Arcade and Virtual Console even more. Would play more PC games but my system is a dinosaur.

Already played through Limbo twice and am spellbound. Definitely want to write a piece on that one. Play everything from AAA "blockbusters" to indie "arty" games. I hate that label since it seems more people who call it that are doing so to diss it. I play retro as much as modern stuff and try to stay informed as best as possible. Love cel-shaded games to the max!

I follow history, sociology and politics like a religion. Every TV show I like has been cancelled from Wonderfalls to the Tick so as much as I love general pop culture I hate mostly everything that is currently "popular." I hope that makes sense. Then again, Dr. Who is still on television but I don't have BBC so I consider that moot.

Probably thinking about one of these characters right now.

Totally dig everything I have been reading on this community. You guys and gals are some really forward and deep thinkers. The boards have all of the great ideas minus the trolling and additional bs. Destructoid is the best gaming site around because of users like you. Much respect to all of you.
Long Time reader, first (well third) time writer.

Can't wait to get to know everyone better. :)
See you around!

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