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Bluth Banana Stand avatar 5:13 PM on 07.21.2010  (server time)
If you had one video game wish...?

I pose the ultimate in hypothetical...what could you do if you were able to snap your fingers and *poof* itís done on your console?

This could range from porting some magical game to what you play now, getting some long lost sequel to see the light, add a whole new genre or dynamic to playability or just set all the fanyboys "just get along." I was thinking about it and there are some pretty big wishes I would make in the world of gaming.

1. To get arcade versions of X-Men and the Simpsons on any of the big 3 networks. Why is this not happening? Remember the Aliens arcade game or the Ghostbusters arcade game? They blew the console versions away! I would freakin love to take a non-emulator shot at these games. Okay, Ghostbusters on Genesis was pretty awesome but still.

2. To get a way to reboot some old DOS exclusive games in an easier to play format. BioForge, Alone in the Dark 1 and 2, Crusader, Discworld...Even Burn Cycle. Unless you had a CD-i and still maintain it, you're out of luck. For the overall positive reception that retro and throwback games get, why are these all locked in the vault? I'm sure there's a market to get some more money out of these titles? Could this have to do with the developers not being around anymore? Or trademark rights?

3. Re-ignite some more old franchises. Considering how psyched I, and many others, am about Donkey Kong, Iccarus (after a loooong-wait), Metroid, etc. always coming back. The prospect alone of Kirby's Epic Yarn makes owning a wii all worth it. How about a non-classic-retro Mega Man? Not changing the style just do a new HD remake along the lines of "New Super Mario Wii." Ghosts and Goblins comes to mind or how about Adventure Island or Alex Kidd, Bonk's Adventure, Maniac Mansion? Bionic Commando: Rearmed was fabulous. How about a new Star Tropics or Journey to Silius?

4. Ghostbusters was able to re-ignite a movie license with context and was a testimony to fan service with so many details and attentions to accuracy. How come we never got a Braveheart, Road Warrior, Bladerunner game? (Ummm...didn't mean to list 2 Mel Gibson movies...Could you ever imagine: "Passion of the Christ: The Game" ...shudder...) I would really enjoy playing a game based on "Willow" or how about a "Return to Oz" game? If American McGee's Alice series worked, so can a darker take on Dorothy. How about a game based on "Se7en"? It could even play on a Silent Hill or Condemned play mechanic. We are seeing way more evidence that not all movie liscenced games can drown in a sea of suck. Even Wolverine (basic and one-note as it was) was a very playable game. This stuff could be done and developers have been showing it can be done really well. How about a game licensed by comic companies where you can play your favorite characters through actual scenarios from the issues? Cool to relive for fans of the series OR a good way to get exposure to new, younger players. This could even be done through DLC in a "Comic Zone" type of format. I'd love to try a 300 or Sin City Game...Arkham Asylum was so great and maintained so many individual feels the Dark Knight had. (Especially the Dave McKean version)

5. A war game or FPS not dealing with the future, WWII or "Modern War."
I would absolutely LOVE to see a shooter set in WWI, the Civil War, the American Revolution with the same attention to detail and quality that is shown in the stuff we've seen lately. I think muzzle loaders, cannon fire, thousands of soldiers, no-man's land, gas attacks, rural surroundings. I know this never would have worked on older systems but with the abilities systems can demonstrate, I really think this would be really cool and add a totally new dynamic to fighting. (Personally, I'd like to see a movie or two about World War I or a non "Patriot" or "1776" version of the Revolution too...damn, there we go with Mel Gibson again!)

6. Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, Radiant Silvergun, Earthbound and Sonic Adventure on their respective digital download providers. I mean, if Square wants to not lose money on Chrono Trigger, why not just up the price a little on the Virtual Console? I'd pay the DS price on the Console no question. There, everyone wins!

7. Blizzard to make a game on the home consoles. (I said this was a wish page)

7. Ummm...peace on x-live and good will on all the leaderboards. Now I'm just talking crazy. :)

So...those are just a few of my wants and dreams... Again, there are more than enough "must-haves" that are gonna be hitting us consumers over this holiday season so even if one of these hypothetic games I talked about came to light, I probably couldn't afford it. Anything anyone else would like to see pop it's head above the water?

"Remember, Thomas Edison was a great man, but he was a bastard to his wife and kids."

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