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Just purchased a PS3 and having fun. Put the PC gaming down for a bit to learn what the PS3 has to offer. I am working non stop on my PC game to submit to next years GDC and working at Best Buy so I am busy busy busy. Thanks for visiting and reading my lame blogs.

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First let me tell the world and all mod players on Dtoid that Paranoia has been released and let me be the first to woof'n tell you this mod will even make Ron dress up like a transvestite cause he is always telling me mods suck. Read up on the mod and download. Support and Digg 4 Paranoia!

Just Imagine Ron Workman All Dressed Up!!!

Some other hot news is modDB holds a modDB MOTY Contest for mod teams each year. The goal is to register and upload a profile with custom content to showcase what the team has done. If you get enough votes from your peers you are onto the next phase of the contest and if you win the prizes are something you just don't want to pass up. Back in 2002 I started this contest and Intense has brought this simple mod contest to the spotlight with sponsors and prizes from Logitech and The Navy to just name a few. So please Dtoid mod players visit modDB and vote.

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