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Valve releases tons of TF2 stats.

Valve has been collecting data about every single Team Fortress 2 match evar! Now, they are sharing their data with us! You can check out the stats here . Probably one of the more interesting stats is that the scout is the most used class. I would not really have guessed that. Also, the sniper gets the most points per hour on average! INTERESTING!


DualShock3 to support PS2 games.

Pop a PS2 game in your PS3 and feel the power. The controller with the "last gen" feature is here to support your last gen games. Imagine... popping in a game like god of war.... the first time you rip a head off, your cont...


Orange Box $24.99 at Best Buy!

Holy moley! On Black Friday weekend this year (Friday November 23 and 24, 2007), you can get yourself a copy of Orange Box for a measly $24.99!! As far as I can tell this is at any Best Buy in the US. There are a number of deals for all types of games. So check it out!


Bioshock: widescreen "fix" Confirmed!

Yesterday on the bioshock forums, 2k Elizabath confirmed there is a patch in the works to "fix" their little widescreen problem You can find the post for yourself right here. I guess this is good. I don't know... I would rather have some new content to download. How about you guys?


Garrys mod: orange box beta!

So, a beta version of the new garrysmod is out. Straight from garry's keyboard: * It's on the EP2 base. * DX7 users will still be able to run it, but will probably get graphical problems with some of the new shade...


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