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BlueJester's blog

4:34 PM on 03.29.2012

The Devil's Mine Ride! A Minecraft Coaster!

The Devil's Mine Ride is a Minecraft coaster inspired by Halloween. It's full of red stone effects, crazy happenings, and monsters! I've spent about 120 hours on the whole thing. This is my second big Minecraft project. Ple...   read

11:08 AM on 12.08.2007

Valve releases tons of TF2 stats.

Valve has been collecting data about every single Team Fortress 2 match evar! Now, they are sharing their data with us! You can check out the stats here . Probably one of the more interesting stats is that the scout is the most used class. I would not really have guessed that. Also, the sniper gets the most points per hour on average! INTERESTING!   read

10:23 AM on 11.14.2007

DualShock3 to support PS2 games.

Pop a PS2 game in your PS3 and feel the power. The controller with the "last gen" feature is here to support your last gen games. Imagine... popping in a game like god of war.... the first time you rip a head off, your cont...   read

1:10 AM on 11.13.2007

Best Buy holds Rock Band midnight store openings.

Start lining up on November 19th. Best Buy is opening in the wee morning hours to deliver rock goodness to your senses. Rock Band is here on the 20th! Here is a list of all the stores that will be open for this partay: ...   read

10:38 AM on 11.10.2007

Orange Box $24.99 at Best Buy!

Holy moley! On Black Friday weekend this year (Friday November 23 and 24, 2007), you can get yourself a copy of Orange Box for a measly $24.99!! As far as I can tell this is at any Best Buy in the US. There are a number of deals for all types of games. So check it out!   read

10:10 AM on 11.10.2007

Bioshock: widescreen "fix" Confirmed!

Yesterday on the bioshock forums, 2k Elizabath confirmed there is a patch in the works to "fix" their little widescreen problem You can find the post for yourself right here. I guess this is good. I don't know... I would rather have some new content to download. How about you guys?   read

11:51 AM on 11.09.2007

Garrys mod: orange box beta!

So, a beta version of the new garrysmod is out. Straight from garry's keyboard: * It's on the EP2 base. * DX7 users will still be able to run it, but will probably get graphical problems with some of the new shade...   read

3:30 PM on 10.25.2007

Gman loves to lick some boobsicle.

The most important news of the day   read

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