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I just heard the news that maybe EA will be footing the money to let someone make a new Sydicate game.

I would love to see this happen I want it to be a certain way.

I would love to have a game that was like Rainbow Six: Vegas.
You controling one agent, with two more NPC agents to tag along.
This will also allow for seamless Multiplayer, cause then your friend
could just hop in and control one of the NPCs.

The level design would have to be a little bit more like Deus Ex however.
Small sections of a bustiling metropolis with your main objective and a few
bonus objectives thrown in to take care of to give you a chance to earn that
much needed extra cash. The important thing about this is; well lets say you
gotta storm a building and steal some intel. You get to scope out the intrances,
figure out just how to get in and do what you gotta do. Or maybe you dont want
to hit the building just yet, cause you can get some extra scratch by ruffing up one
of those Zealot churches (who's name I can't remeber but were your main foes in
Syndicate) comunity centers; steal their money. Just give us that kind of freedom
you know? Not just, ok you start here now shoot a bunch of people on your way to
point B. Thats fine for Call of Duty and Rainbow Six, but Syndicate was a little bit
more than that.

Next give it that bit of RPG flair by letting us level up our agents. Gaining EXP. like
Rainbow Six Vegas 2....maybe. But remember these guys are robots really, so instead
let us spend the money we earn on, oh I don't know...Power Nodes like in Dead Space.
But the kicker is let us Re-Spec our agents between missions if we want to.
Like in Mass Effect, you could put points in various firearm types to gain a little damage bonus and some accuracy boosts. But I guess you could argue that would be the place
for the cybernetic enhancments. Look my dream system may not be perfect right now
but you can see where I'm going with this.
Maybe a combination of both systems.

Any way, it's moments like these that makes me wish that I was a game disigner. I don't want this to get fucked up and then have this supposed revival shit on the franchise as a whole. We all want to avoid a Spider Man 3.

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