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Blue Odeyssey avatar 6:13 AM on 02.01.2014  (server time)
What Playstation Fans Want To See In 2014

With the Playstation 4 off to a great start across the globe and fans still riding high from an absolutely stellar E3, Sony have a wonderful opportunity to really hammer home the benefits of the console in 2014. While launch software may have been met with mixed critical reception, sales figures do not lie; the console still managed to shift over 2.1 million units globally in 2013. However, for Sony to maintain this momentum throughout 2014, they need to ensure they take steps to appease their fan base and encourage growth.†

Uncharted 4 Release Date

With an arguably disappointing launch line up Sony fans want to see the big hittersí test their consoleís new powers as soon as possible, so what better way to do this than with the recently announced Uncharted. As one of the platforms flagship franchises Drakeís latest adventure cannot come soon enough. Playstation fans will be hoping with great anticipation that the release date ends in a 14 and not a 15.

The Return of Crash Bandicoot

After teasing his return in a thinly veiled reference in the flagship Playstation 4 ad, Crash Bandicootís triumphant journey home has only been suggested so far, but with evidence stacking that Activision have relinquished their grip on the 90ís icon, it wonít take long for Sony to announce that one of their prodigal sons has returned. This would be both a software and PR coup as Crash is representative of the original Playstation in its heyday, and the mere suggestion of Sony returning to their gaming roots and their PS1/PS2 form is enough to get any fan excited, even if itís just for nostalgiaís sake.

Investment in the development of Vita Software

Itís fair to say so far, the Vita has experienced a rough ride and Playstation fans know it. Pummelled by the 3DS, accosted by mobile games and restricted by a high price point, the Vita is in a similar boat to that of the Wii U; those who own one love it, but donít have enough reason to keep playing, there just isnít enough quality software. Playstation fans will be hoping the recent release of Tearaway and the announcement of Persona 4ís impressive sales show companies the Vita is worth investing in.

More Exclusives From Third Parties for the Playstation 4

With the Xbox One experiencing a more positive opening in terms of exclusive software, Playstation fans will be hoping Sony has been saving some of the best for the relatively near future. The lack of exclusive software has failed to majorly impact the PS4 so far, but once fans tire of Resogun and Killzone theyíre going to want and expect more triple AAA titles soon. Sony need to ensure they can match the Playstation 3ís impressive exclusive portfolio and this will require major effort, particularly towards those smaller companies who will likely continue to heavily support the PS3 to target its larger fan base. Its likely incentives will be required to encourage dual PS4 development.

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