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Blue Odeyssey avatar 12:10 PM on 12.27.2009  (server time)
How A Second Play Through Can Ruin The Game Forever!

Similarly to most teenagers playing video games is an expensive hobby, prices are ever increasing and value for money is decreasing as developers focus more on quality of game play rather than on the length of the game. This has created a squeeze on most gamers wallets, in this situation there are three valid options, trade-in older games (which I personally hate doing), save until a game can be purchased while indulging in other activities, or replaying previous games. When I find myself in this situation I generally choose option three as some games are designed to be played multiple times, and others warrant a second play through just based on their quality.

After finding myself in this situation and scanning through the vast library of video games at my disposal I decided to replay Gears Of War, after having fond memories of my original play through I presumed the second would be just as enjoyable, oh how wrong I was. The game was awful, it was frustrating, glitchy and worst of all, boring, all of the fun I had experienced on my previous playthrough had disappeared and I was left with a monotonous dull TPS.

Believing it to be repetitiveness of the game play I was convinced it was just one of those games that was not designed for more than one play through. My anticipation for Gears of War 2 was still at fever pitch despite the extreme disappointment of my previous experience and I waited eagerly at my local Chips store at the midnight launch to get my copy such was my admiration for the series and my first playthrough. However upon completing the first level I realised something that deeply frustrated me, the game again appeared similar to my second playthrough of GOW even though this was my first of GOW 2. Somehow my second playthrough had not only ruined GOW but also GOW 2, each level felt the same as the previous incarnation and completing the game was felt nothing short of a catastrophe and a colossal waste of my time.

After finally completing the game and struggling through the hardships that were its campaign I tried to find some reason for my degraded experience, but not matter how hard I tried I could not think or even contemplate any particular reason why I should not be enjoying this game.
To this day I still cannot understand why my playing experience changed so dramatically over such a short period of time, it confuses me but also intrigues me as I wonder...

How does a game change without changing?

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