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Blue Odeyssey avatar 1:30 PM on 02.24.2010  (server time)
5 Things I Hate About Fifa 10

After playing Fifa 10 for well over 50 hours, I have come to the conclusion that although it is the best incarnation of the series, the amount of problems, inaccuracies and glitchs included within the gameplay makes it the most frustrating and irritating game yet. Most are related to either a lack of understanding from the developers, lazy programming or just a conflicting AI. Although none of these issues are game breaking they do detract from the game's overall quality.

1. Automatic Goalkeepers On One On Ones
In previous Fifas the player was given the option to bring the goalkeeper out,this provided the player choice and made the goalie very unprodictable however in this the newest version the player has no freedom to make the choice, the goalie will always leave his line in order to close down the player, this leaves the goal vulnerable to lob shots which online especially are utilised to the full.

2. Open Legged Players
The majority of players in Fifa 10 have there legs open more than a sex addicted hooker, the amount of times they will step over the ball when attempting a tackle or block is rediculous, trying to defend a cross along the ground is near impossible sometime as up to three players will watch it go though there legs and into the back of the net, this is worst against human players who seem to have a knack of taking advantage of this flaw.

3. Incorrect Implementation Of The Offside Rule
For those who know the rules of football/soccer they will know the offside rule is perhaps one of the most confusing and controversial rules in sport, now I can imagine implementing this rule into any game must be extremely difficult however in my opinion this does not excuse the developers of there lazy programming. Anyway the issue I have is relating to deflections, when the ball is played and bounces of the opposing player falling to another player who is in an offside position play should continue, however in Fifa no matter how big or obvious the deflection the offside is always given, now this is a severe issue as generally these decisions are given in goal scoring opportunities and have the potential to effect the final result.

4. Player AI
Now I understand footballers are seen by most as unintelligent but Fifa 10 takes there stupidity to a whole new level, on several occasions they will run to intercept a ball only to run straight past it leaving them out of position and looking like a complete and utter fool. The idea of passing seems straight forward enough but even so the majority of the time they will make passes that just don't make any sense, for example passing it back into there own half from the opposition's box.

Goalie AI
In my opinion this is the worst issue in the entire game, the goalies are perhaps the stupidest players on the pitch, on lob shots they will only dive on the spot, no matter how weak the shot may be if its on target and it goes above the goalies head it will go in, not only is this rediculously unrealistiic but also takes out any skill required in order to do a lob shot. The best goalkeepers in the game have the decision making of flipping David James, they leave themselves vulnerable unnecessarily especially on crosses where they more often than not will go to punch/catch a ball that Peter Crouch would have trouble to reach usually leaving the goal empty for the receiving player to score an open goal.

I did have more but I thought i'd stop at five as most of you won't read the whole thing or read it at all, especially with the hate sports games generally receive from dedicated game sites, personally I will be surprised if this gets more than three comments but anyway im glad I got these problems of my chest and im sure those of you who have played Fifa 10 know exactly what im talking about.

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