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Ten Things About A Lion

Hello C-Blogs!
A fresh new start, a fresh new blog. 
Lovely, isn't it?

As so many have done before, let me tell you a few little somethings about myself.

1. I Created This New Account Because I'm Fairly Sure I Have OCD 

I was the Last Scion of the House of Blue Lions not so long ago, then I was Last Scion of the Blue Lion, and finally I ended it with Old Lion. Now I'm Blue Lion. The reason being, that I had published a few blogs my first year on the site (2013). That annoyed the piss out of me. I even talked to Andy about changing the publishing dates of some of my blogs and my join date. Of course, Andy was fantastic and accommodated my peculiarities, but it still niggled at the back of my mind. So I decided, why not create something new in the wonderful and evenly numbered year of 2014. 

2. I Bought My First Alcoholic Beverages Today

Today (May 10) is actually my birthday, so I went out and bought some alcohols for the heck of it (I'm 21 now). A couple of beers and some brandy in the memory of someone who loved her brandy. I took a sip of it this afternoon before pouring out some libation beneath a fig tree she planted years ago. I hope that old tree doesn't die because it tasted like turpentine. I'll try the beers later. If you'd like to leave a suggestion of what I should try, feel free.

3. I Consider Myself Pretty Straight Edged

I have not intentionally had a drink before today. Maybe a sip of champagne or something accidentally. I don't think I'll be much of a drinker.  I never really thought it was a good thing to alter your perception of the world. Never smoked or wanted to (nicotine or marijuana or whatever), never really wanted to drink, I was just never very interested in any of that junk. That has to due with my own personal beliefs, I suppose. Life is a gift to be treasured, as is health. 

4. I'm Lazy

I was going to write this earlier but I thought, "Nah." 
I do that too damn much. Procrastinate. Sloth is my cardinal sin. Makes it hypocritical of me to say anything about health, honestly. I hardly ever keep up with my exercise... Or anything, really. I need to fix that. I'll start tomorrow.

5. My Mother Is The Reason I'm Interested In Lions So Much

She herself loves lions due to a childhood experience with one and my family's coat of arms is a lion. It would honestly be more surprising if she (and by extension, I) didn't like them. That love extends out to large and small cats in general, by the way. 
Hmm, hmm... I suppose I'll tell the story. 

My mother was a young girl with two working parents: her mother was a nurse while her father was a boat builder. She couldn't be brought to the hospital, so her dad brought her to the shipyard. The yard owner and his wife were kind. Occasionally he would take my mother to a diner for a sundae and use her as an excuse to hit on waitresses. Anyway, the yard owner's wife owned an old circus lion. My mother didn't really know what a lion was, so thinking he was just a big kitty she wandered over to him one day while the yard owners were away and her dad was supposed to watch after her. She played with the lion for awhile before taking a nap with him. A 6 year old girl using a lion as a pillow. Her father didn't notice her missing until he was done with work, and found her fast asleep next to the big cat.

Make sure you tell your mom you love her on mother's day. Just a reminder.

6. History Is My Favorite Subject

Love it. I don't know why. I did have a really good history teacher in high school, but I think he simply added fuel to the fire. Swords, spears, castles, barbarians, kingdoms, empires, triremes, shield walls, chariots, horsemen, old gods, extinct creatures... It's really just an enormous adventure, I think. It certainly has all the trappings of one.

7. I Both Love And Fear The Ocean

It is both a beautiful, bounteous thing that provides nourishment not only to humanity but untold numbers of aquatic creatures, and a cold, malevolent force that can violently drag people to a watery grave. Amazing creatures like rays and coral live in it, and so do sharks and deep sea fish. 

Wondrous creatures. 

What the fuck is that?

8. I've Never Been Particularly Interested In Sports

There was a time in high school where I was going to try out for football, but the doctor I worked for convinced my mother and subsequently me that it probably wasn't worth having my knees destroyed like he did. Many of his patients were hobbling like old men in their thirties and forties and he didn't want to see that happen to me. I would later see several of my friends ruin their knees and be unable to play any sport, so I'm grateful to him for that. That being said, I wouldn't mind trying something. I thought about falconry, but reality set in. I have no place to practice with one. 

Sort of related- I recently purchased a whip so I can practice cracking it. That'll be fun.

9. Living In A Castle Would Be Pretty Cool, I Think

I've wanted to live in a castle, not because I love fantasy and knights and all that stuff (although I do), but because Salvador Dali lived in one, and he was a radical dude. He is one of the reasons I want to grow out my mustache. When I painted a few years back, he was a major inspiration. He's one of my favorite artists, and even though he kinda sold out in his later years, I feel that his busywork was still better than most of his contemporaries' finer pieces. He had skill and imagination in equal measure, and I wish I could have met him. He probably wouldn't have understood much of what I was saying, but it still would have been an honor.

While we're on art, I also like Francisco Goya, particularly his haunting Black Paintings. I don't know if I'd want to meet him during the time he was painting those however, since I'm pretty sure he was going mad. That might not end well.

10. One Of My Greatest Desires Is To Have A Home With A Big Library

I'm something of a bibliophile. I absolutely adore books. Especially finely made older ones. Leather and quality paper... I love it. If or when I can afford a home, I am devoting a large part of it to becoming a library/reading room. Preferably with one of those wheeled ladders attached to the shelf so you can reach high up books or a spiral staircase leading to a second floor. There should be some nice, comfy chairs and big, fancy globes and assorted paintings and light fixtures and all sorts of other neat stuff as well. Probably a connected room with a large orrery and telescope, too. That would be cool. 

A man can dream.
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