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Do whaaat Jackie?

Side note: The "Blu" in "BluFire" has nothing to do with Blu-ray. The username was generated before that. I don't have a pstriple.
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These are brain teasers. The answers to all six of these brain teasers are game titles. These are different from Fronz's in that they are usually some kind of play on words with the game's title. I've had some pretty genius brain teasers before, however it's very difficult coming up with new ideas for these things. Let's hope shipero doesn't blow through my harder ones this time. Ouch. "Blow through my hard ones" doesn't sound that good.
Confused? Here's a simple example brain teaser:


The answer is "apartment," because the figure above shows the word "ment" split "apart." If you're still confused, refer to the links in the above paragraph - they all go to old brain teaser posts.

Some of these brain teasers were some backups that I had for the old posts that I never used. Thus, numbers 1 and 3 are kind of stupid. There are a couple more difficult ones here that I think will stall even the sharpest minds for at least 5 minutes. Anyone up for it?






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