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Hmm. I was watching Epileptic Gaming (Episode 126, Friday, Part 3) today and then this popped out of Robert Summa's mouth:
"I don't know if I can take reading blogs anymore... The more you get involved with the industry and understand how things work, and you understand actually the truth of what's going on, and then you read blogs like Joystiq, Kotaku, Destructoid, all of them, I mean, it doesn't matter; they come at it from this outside perspective and just state things as if they were fact, and they're absolutely not true. They will just say things that are just outlandish and totally unfair, and for me, I just get completely frustrated with the whole thing, to the point where I can't read them anymore, to the point where I'm just reading headlines; most of the time I just can't read the details because they aren't really right."
"It's uneducated opinion most of the time. Not all the time; Crecente's a very good journalist."

I just find it interesting that he kind of disses blogs in general, and when he starts naming names, points out Dtoid and Joystiq, both of which he has written for before. Cold shoulder? I wonder if he still talks w/ Niero if he thinks that Dtoid has a lot of false fluff in it?
Just wondering. No Summa hate here or anything.

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