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Side note: The "Blu" in "BluFire" has nothing to do with Blu-ray. The username was generated before that. I don't have a pstriple.
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These are brain teasers. The answers to these brain teasers are names of games. They are different from DToid's Monday Mind Teasers in that these are plays on words, rather than silhouettes. Confused as to how you play? Try looking at these previous sets of brain teasers. Looking at those might sharpen your skills for future brain teasers. Actually, ignore the "Lost Odyssey" one that I did in the very first set. I regret that one. The rest were somewhat decent, I like to think.
Oh, and actually, none of these brain teasers have dolphins with rainbow jumpsuits in them. Sorry Chad! Maybe next time.

Usually, the hardest brain teasers are numbers 5 or 6. This time I think it might be a little more spread out. However, sometimes you guys can finish these quicker than I thought you would. Don't let the order trip you up, though - just try to solve them.






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