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Do whaaat Jackie?

Side note: The "Blu" in "BluFire" has nothing to do with Blu-ray. The username was generated before that. I don't have a pstriple.
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These are brain teasers. The answers to all of them are titles of games. You look at each of these six pictures to try and figure out what the game is. If you don't get it, try looking at some of the previous sets of brain teasers. You'll figure out what I mean.

So most of these are pretty easy. Let me tell you, guys - these are difficult to come up with! If any of you want to send any ideas or images yourself, feel free and I'll definitely post them.

There are three teasers here that I think everyone will get quickly, two that are decently difficult, and one that might be kind of cheap. Sorry if it turns out to be cheap, but I need a way to slow down shipero. Here they are:






Photo Photo Photo

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