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I own a FamPuter, which is a 100% fake Famicom. And I do own Super Mario Bros. and Rockman 2 for it, which you don't. :P

I'm a 34 year old gamer. I cannot hang out with most of you, and you should not contact me to buy you cheap wine or cigarettes. I do not like jail. Seriously, I own all three consoles and I don't discriminate. Gaming is for fun, not for sissy slapfights. If you consider yourself partial to a particular console, I don't care why you don't own other consoles, I don't want to hear about it. If you're going to bitch about something, you'd better bring some hard evidence of why you're complaining if you want to cry on my shoulder.

Enjoy this wonderful picture of 2 generations coming together at last...

PS - I eat trolls.

PPS - I've been to Japan. Maybe you've heard about it? If not, read up here:

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What does this mean to you all? If you pursue achievements in games, it signifies different things to different people. To some, it means cheevo whoring, renting Avatar for a score bump, playing through Lost or King Kong for the easy 1000 points.

To me, it's been chasing the lost dream. A game I was actually good enough to completely beat all the way through.

And oddly enough, I feel as though there's still shitloads of game left to play.

My first 1000 GS game is Fallout 3. I finally got finished it tonight.

A game so nice, I played it twice.

I picked this game up on a whim the day after it came out on the recommendation of some guys in the CBM who were raving about how amazing it was. I go out, pick up the regular edition of the game, and I knew I had a game I wanted to play to death in my hands.

I blazed through the game on the first playthrough, netting over 800 points in one go. I still wasn't satisfied. All the variable nuances of the game held my interest.

What was the outcome of the good guy? The bad guy? The neutral guy? Was it any different as a girl?

So, onward I pressed into my second playthrough, this time as a bad person.

Well, guess what? It's WILDLY different taking different options. Whole cities are unavailable (and damn impressive in-engine cinematics occur too...).

The map is so vast that there's areas to discover in regions of the map I haven't played in playing through the game for over 130 hours!

And with the expansion packs, I've built a prolonged experience onto the original, with Operation Anchorage tacking on another 100, The Pitt, another 100 GS.

So today, standing at 1180 Gamerscore for Fallout 3, I set out to finally unlock the ONE achievement that had eluded me for two entire playthroughs. Data Miner.

Finally... I go from this:

To this:

And in the process, I finally get my very first perfect 1200/1200 game.

I think I earned this...


10:01 PM on 04.13.2009

Let me show you it...

People recently have been asking me, Hey DVD, where ya been?

My first reply is usually, "Please leave a message at the sound of the beep!"

My second reply is usually, "It's BluDesign now. Because Blu is the color of man, 2000 flushes, and suffocated smurf corpses."

Actually, I've been around, but just not terribly active. I've been off on a mystical journey of sorts.

And I've been directing eastern european rap videos.

And playing a shitload of PS3 games to get my Trophy Rank up. Yakuza 3 is hard, but I feel it will prove to be a fun game in the end. Meanwhile, Bioshock, Sonic UGC, and Buzz have all been doing their part to raise my rank up high. UGC is a must buy in any case, whoring or not. It has my highest recommendation.

I'll get around to doing a proper review/thingie of Yakuza 3 soon enough, but in the mean time, I want to show you my rap video, in it's stunning Destructoid debut.


12:45 PM on 04.09.2009

Look Japan...

We can't have you guys doing this. It's bad for your public image. It just reinforces all the creepy underbelly style misunderstood beliefs about of Japan.

Stop it.

/swats newspaper


Remember, if you enjoy a game, you should always buy it or pay tribute to the person who created it.

I dislike Snake, so... c'est la vie.

1:05 PM on 11.20.2008

DJ Duffy and I worked up all the CBM avatars into a few group photos today.

Featured: Itemforty, BHZ, Snaileb, Pew, Hoygeit, DJ Duffy, me, D, bhive, Tazar, Pheonix Blood, Riser Glen, Butmac, Kryptinite, electro lemon, and Blehman.


Fixed it after I noticed someone was missing... <_<;

Click the links below to see full size.
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Well, it's Friday night tonight. I was so psyched, I went out and decided to get the jump on Y0j1mb0 for once and actually do a FNF post for the PS3 right now.

Enough of my blathering, onto tonight's FNF lineup.

We have a brand new game, Little Big Planet.

Very exciting stuff. I worked extra special hard on it this week and made my own level. It's all finished and everything.

I'll just go and put it online...



Well, shit.

Well, maybe MaxVest will wanna play. I'll just check and see if he's got a copy of the game and...

Wha... What's going on here? Where the hell are you people? WHY AM I ALL ALONE HERE?


Since Sony had the incredible foresight to not have any of the servers on at all, I get nothing tonight for FNF.

I guess I'll just spoil the endings to popular movies for myself then.

Wayne's World



Lawnmower Man

Suck it up and blame Sony for making me ruin so many excellent films for you all.