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BluDesign avatar 11:02 AM on 04.21.2009  (server time)
Thoughts on the L4D DLC...

Oh hai... I'm BluDesign. I'm one of the layabouts here on dtoid, being unemployed and all. I decided to fire up L4D and try out the new Survival pack, which got released today.

I haven't managed to try out the two new versus campaigns, but I'm sure Dead Air and Death Toll are just as compelling as No Mercy and Blood Harvest. I look forward to hitting someone as a smoker or boomer on the Church standoff soon.

Where everyone knows your name... because it's on the tombstone... stupid

I'm here to discuss Survival Mode with you all.

No, it's not some sort of Zombie version of "The Long Walk"

Survival is just outright "rape mode."

I would've wanted a few more rounds of zombie hordes before the specials show up, but it is SURVIVAL mode. I've managed to make it an average of 2:30 on the three levels I tried.

BTW, the elevator in the hospital? It's rape central when the tanks show up. There's no hiding in the corner anymore. A tank and 2 smokers will see to that.

This guy will do awful, awful things to your dead body. Sooner than you think.

I lasted longer on the one rooftop level I picked than I did in the Last Stand level. The Last Stand level was a bunch of randoms from XBL, and all they wanted to do was blow up every goddamn gas tank and canister they could get their hands on. Basically they were a hazard to be around because they were really not helping anyone but the two guys who were playing together.

I usually kill around 40-50 zombies per level on the campaign when I play online. I was averaging around 100-150 or so per round of Survival. They really cram them in there. Plus, you gotta figure, how many will you kill once they incap you, because you will get incapped.

If you can kill a bunch while incapped, you'll net a good dozen kills if you're fast enough.

And Tanks don't always get their music cue, so don't be surprised if one just shows up.

How it's laid out is basically it's a highlight of some of the major combat areas, mid-points of each level. Every match has a good dozen mixed molotovs and pipe bombs, 8 health packs (2 for each person), and pain pills. You usually start out with either double pistols or a random weapon. Given how tight the spaces are on most of these, the auto-shotgun isn't recommended. The M16 or the Sniper rifle is much better suited. And there's usually 1-2 ammo drops per level depending on the layout. Hospital = 1, Last Stand = 2, Dead Air Crane = 1.

I won't be around much today or tonight, but I should be up for some Versus tomorrow night if anyone is down with that.

Gamertag = Metalocalypse

See you kids online!

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