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BluDesign avatar 11:02 AM on 11.07.2007  (server time)
Japan: A Blog pt. 31 of 912

Okay, so as part of the Vista X.5 experience, we're going to discuss day to day practices and common items seen in Japan.

These are things the Japanese take for granted which honestly, make little sense to us until we know why they are there or what they're for...

First off... The Yellow Brick Road.

First you'll say to me, DVD, you're already in Japan, how much more like OZ could it be with all the smaller than average sized people and high voiced people singing to themselves in boxes?

Well, Japan has a real yellow brick road. Where is it? Where does it go? What's it for?


But, I can't see it from here, DVD!

No, you won't. That's not a real car you're driving.

But you will see it outside. Everywhere...

Tokyo Station


Kyoto Station Mall


Sendai... Wait, that's a T-junction...


So where the fuck does it go?!


Actually, some simple tasks of asking the locals answered this one very quickly.
It's assistance for the blind. I noticed this being the case after seeing a handful of blind people managing to not only manage a staircase as fast as a sighted person, but afterwards they laughed heartily at the staircase and screamed a victory cry at it.

How empowering.

Also, moustache rides are free, but it costs $30 to get on the team...

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