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2:20 PM on 02.01.2010

Dante's Inferno An Animated Epic

So, EA (and visceral games) has gotten it into their heads that it’s ok to make Anime versions of their games. This is their second attempt at breaking into the world of Anime, and it actually wasn’t so bad. I still have not seen the Dead Space anime that they made, which is odd because I played the SHIT out of BOTH of the deadspace games. I was told not to bother with Dead Space: Downfall ‘cause it was “wack” and “Totally not worth it”, However, based on the super high quality (of the animation) of Dante’s Inferno An Animated Epic I think I’m gonna have to give it a go.

I was expecting something Stupid from Dante’s Inferno an Animated Epic, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. It was really stupid. His HORSE did a WALLJUMP within the first 30 seconds of the movie. That being said, it was an Anime based on a video game that hasn’t been released yet, so I was fairly pleased in this respect.

The plot is fairly simple. Dante’s GF is taken to hell and she thinks he betrayed her through the medium of sinning and fucking, Dante exclaims LIES and charges into hell to get her back. Except it wasn’t lies. Virgil guides him though the NINE shitty circles of hell. By guides, I mean follows in Dante’s blood soaked wake. The shittyness of the nine circles is adequately summed up by Dante’s repugnant exclamation of ”I cannot stand this wretched pace” Flashbacks, Tits, Fratri and Patricide, Tits and salvation insues. That is the whole plot.

It was hard to watch it without thinking of how each monster Dante fights would translate into gameplay. The Entire time felt I was watching something that will eventually be Remade into Cut scenes, Quick Time Events and Boss Fights (with quick time events and cutscenes) The movie did a good job of getting me to pay attention without having to worry about the need to press X to make blood spray everywhere. And blood sprays EVERYWHERE. Most of the reason it kept me continuously entertained was that I would not look away for fear of missing Tits or Gore. Rad.

What I was not aware of, going into this movie was that it was directed and animated in 6 different segments, ala Batman Gotham Knight, or Animatrix, except it told one continuous story rather than six smaller ones. At first I couldn’t figure it out. Suddenly, Dante had long hair and was moving all different. The segments switch over in a manner that seems totally without warning or pre-empt. I was sitting there thinking, Maybe they are just trying to appease all of the story board artists… Maybe no one was in charge of continuity? Maybe it has something to do with traversing the different circles? NO WAY MAN! This is intentional! Once I figured that out, I took it as a pleasant surprise. most of the different styles were pretty cool. Some of the more over the top “Anime” styled segments were really awesome. The Studio JM Animation had two segments, the first of which was directed by Lee Scunggyu and was totally over the top, with big shiny anime eyes, and THICK outlines. I couldn’t find any info about that director, but apparently JM Animation did work on Avatar the Last Airbender. Awesome. One aspect of making a movie with six different animation teams, is it would seem to makes sync-ing the voice acting with the animation kinda hard. Sometimes the mouths would just stay open while dialog was happening. Maybe it was just VLC player though.

EA has figured out a great way to burn some of their money. Or maybe Visceral Games’ money. I can’t imagine what the cost of hiring SIX different animation studios and directors is. I would consider this effort at making a cool anime a success. As far as the game goes, I now worry that the major boss battles and monsters have been spoiled for me. Seeing what comes next and what new monsters show up is one of my favorite parts of playing a Hack and Slash. It could very well be that this movie has NOTHING to do with the game, Resident Evil style. But I doubt it. Like I said, I still have to watch the Dead Space anime, so I haven’t come to a formal decision on whether making Anime’s of games is a good idea. Deathklok did show up in an animated commercial for Brutal Legend, so EA is certainly trying to branch out. I would have LOVED to see a feature length anime of that. There are some properties that they should DEFINATELY stay away from though. Like Madden.


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