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Bloodborne avatar 9:13 AM on 08.21.2007  (server time)
BioShock uses poor widescreen implementation!

I just read this link from this morning and I couldn't be more surprised and appalled. My most anticipated game in a long time will not run properly on widescreen monitors! Instead of using the 16:9, 16:10, etc aspect ration with a higher field-of-view (FOV), it's been discovered that the game just runs in the old fashioned 4:3 ratio and cuts off the top and bottom.

As an owner of a widescreen monitor for several years, I am severely disappointed. I'm even going as far to say that I may not be purchasing BioShock until the issue is resolved. As it stands, the game is simply crippled on my (and a large number of other people's) displays. Please, take some time and post at this thread here in the 2K forums to express your displeasure. Hopefully if 2K hears enough of us bitch about this otherwise fantastic game, we will see the issued fixed.

EDIT: This issue has been confirmed by people on the 2K forum to be occurring on the Xbox 360. It affects all people who use widescreen displays for their games.

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