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Hello, My name is Bloo on the interwebs...but i do have a real name...somewhere in Los Angeles. I come to destructoid for the Community but stay for the Cocks. Video Games hold a special place in my heart since the beginning. I enjoy long walks on the beach while under the moonlight...I really don't have favorite games but...i first started playing games on the Atari so my knowledge in video games is extensive. You probably won't see my writing to many Blogs however you will see me making tons of videos...Which i plan to make Blogs for. I love to edit and make videos...its a passion of mine and something i would love to continue. I've been around destructoid for about to years just lurking and commenting. When the Dtoid streaming came along i became more active and wanted to continue being active. So look out destructoid here I come.

5:52 PM on 02.10.2012
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