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2:54 PM on 05.13.2011

The impact of videogames on our life - a story

Everyone here plays videogames, but how much do they affect our lives? We've all heard stories of books that have had big impact on someone's life and decisions, but not that often about games. I think one certain game has caused me to change my way in life - for the better or the worse - and I want to share that story with you.

DISCLAIMER: This is not about vegetarianism itself. I do not intend to discuss wether eating meat or not is right or wrong in this blog.

I never really liked meat. I was always the vegetable kid. My mother used to joke about how I'd swap my steak for some kid's spinach at preschool. Always hated the taste of minced meat. And kebabs. Yeah.

But I wasn't a vegetarian, never even considered it. I was always curious about it, but I always looked at it from afar. I always thought it was a pointless thing to do. Being a vegetarian that is. I think I even found some of them to be annoying.

That's all until I played one certain game.

A lot of people haven't heard about Cryostasis: The sleep of Reason. It's a Russian made horror/FPS. It has an unique setting; a frozen ship close to the North Pole. The protagonist is a Russian meteorologist who is determined to investigate the ship and find out the reason of the ship-wreck. It's quite an unique game, story and gameplay wise. There's a parallel mini-story going on as you progress and the enemies resemble frozen zombies. It is a good game, but it has many flaws as well.

Anyway, the main feature of this game is called Mental Echo, with which the player can delve into the past of dead bodies and change their actions right before their demise. Over the course of the game you take over the bodies of a lot of dead people, but in two instances, you find dead animals which you can "possess in the past". On on instance, it's a Polar Bear. But I'm talking about the other one.

Now let me describe that sequence a bit. You have to save a cook who died because some frozen beef fell on him. Now I know that sounds ridiculous, but that's not all to it. You can actually play as a cow who's in line to get beheaded in the ships slaughterhouse. You save the cook by saving the cows - which allows you to proceed further in the game.

Now this is one very grim sequence. The pure and raw strength of the scene where you see the cow in front of you walk into the slaughter chamber and the woosh of the guillotine is enough to affect the player deeply. In fact, I think it triggered something inside of me. I suddenly felt sick and I had to stop playing for a while. Here's the scene I'm talking about

[warning: some people might find it VERY disturbing]


After a while, I found my interest/curiosity in vegetarianism and vegetarians to be really strong. My vegecuriousity (made-up word which describes how I felt) got the better of me and I started reading articles about vegetarianism. As luck would have it, my best friend is also a vegetarian. I had once discussed the matter with her, but I was on the attacking end, trying to find flaws in her logic. But after that scene, I tackled vegetarianism with her once again and the result? I decided to become a vegetarian.

It's been close to a year since that decision, but I think it was one of the best decisions I've made, ever. I absolutely love being a vegetarian. I know that maybe Cryostasis itself had a small role in the final decision, but it was a critical role nonetheless. Maybe if I never played Cryostasis I would have never became a vegetarian. Maybe...

The point still stands though. A videogame might have affected my life. In an important, everlasting way. I personally think it is awesome.   read

2:47 PM on 04.14.2011

Have you always wanted to play FFX, but never had a chance to? Look no further!

I have been on Destructoid for quite some time now, reading posts and commenting and whatnot, but I never went past the front page for some reason. If I wanted to make an excuse, I'd say that I don't have enough time (I really don't). For the same reason, I never posted a blog myself, even though I've had myriads of things on my mind that I'd like to share with fellow gamers, especially if they're from a cool community like Dtoid.

Anyway, this is not about that. I thought of making this post after reading Chad's FFX Memory Card.

I am a PC gamer. Besides PC games, I have always owned Nintendo's handhelds too (though I don't have a 3DS yet). But as far as games go, PC and Nintendo handheld games are my only options. So that means I miss a lot of amazing games. From time to time, I have managed to play some classics by borrowing a console, like I did with Okami for the Wii. But there are some games I have missed forever. One of them is Final Fantasy X. I have played the DS remakes of FF III and FF IV and have always wanted to play the other games of this classic series.

My best friend loves FFX. She was nice enough to make a series of FFX videos, some kind of playthrough, so I could experience the game and it's characters. The 30 episodes are really well made and in-depth, and they cover everything important in the game (they cover semi-important and not-so-important events as well!).


The purpose of this blog - my first Dtoid blog ever - is to share these videos with you guys, because I think they're too good to go unnoticed. And maybe, hopefully, someone else that missed FFX can experience this fantastic game, without having to play it.

Click here for the list of episodes.   read

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