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BlinkingPixels avatar 11:15 PM on 09.04.2012  (server time)
The Joys of Easy

Despite what you may have heard, there is no real way to play a single player game. No matter what game you get, you should enjoy it the way you want it. If that means playing on easy, then so be it. I am not going to say "This is the only way to play that game" or "Play Better." You spend sixty to seventy bucks on a game. There is no right way to play, unless you are playing in multiplayer. The only right way to play multiplayer is fair. No hacks, no cheats, no abusing the system. Be fair to yourself and to others, so everyone can have a good time.


Sometimes, you just want to set back and enjoy the ride. This is where Easy comes in. When I play a game for the first time, I play it on normal. This way I can have the full experience. When I finish that game on Normal, I sometimes play the game on hard. Most of the time, however, I will play it on easy just to enjoy the mechanics and the story of the game. Easy is a good thing in a number of reasons. It helps non playing gamers enjoy the game without feeling overwhelmed, and you, as the player, can do more stuff that you couldn't do otherwise. I've been playing Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception quite a bit lately, and the difficulty I've been playing it on is on Easy. I actually find it more enjoyable to play it on easy than normal for a number of reasons. Despite the trouble of having one button do two different things, the circle button being the grapple and roll action, the hand to hand combat in Uncharted 3 is quite fun to mess with. It's not Batman: Arkham series deep mind you. However, it is fun to catch a weapon in midair and firing at someone the second you catch it, or pulling a pin off an enemy and kicking them away. In these fights, you are the most vulnerable, so going hand to hand in normal or higher isn't a wise choice to be making. If I saw one of those heavy guards, I would never try to fight it hand to hand, even if he was the last man standing. On easy, I can just run up there and try to beat him down. I may get hit by a stray bullet, but at least I KNOW I can take this one enemy out in the matter of a few hits. This makes the combat styles of hand to hand and gunplay become much more blurry.

Swing, and it's a home run!


Playing the Uncharted series on easy makes me enjoy the story that much more. Uncharted is one of the few games I don't play for the difficulty, despite beating Among Thieves on hard. Some game actually benefits from playing the easy mode. Most of the time, however, Normal mode is the best way to go. The Arkham games comes to mind. You want to keep that combo going, but you want to keep that health that normal has. You can play those games on easy, if you like. But the enemies go down a little to fast to really dig in to the fighting system that game has.

Granted, there are some draw backs into play a game on Easy. You won't have that true sense of accomplishment the game can have on you that you can get on hard, or even normal difficulty has. The other thing is that it is possible to beat the game a little too fast. This also contributes of how many times you have beaten the game. It's a small set back, but at the end of the day, FUN should be the main factor of a game. If you are playing a game on normal and you are not having any fun because of the difficulty, bring the game down a peg. Anything to make the game you spend your money on fun. Except multiplayer, remember: Be Fair.


Recently, there have been talks that there could be an easy mode patched in for Dark Souls. Dark Souls, to me, is a lot of fun. The main reason for this is because of the difficulty. I have no problem with this. To me, to keep that balance between easy and normal is to let you keep the souls when you die. The absolutely frustrating thing about Dark Souls is losing all of your souls. You can have hundreds of thousands of souls saved up only to be gone by dying by your stupid mistake. The thought of losing all those souls is much more frighting than facing a giant boss. If you die the first time you face a boss those souls are gone. If you die before you get a chance to pick them back up again, those souls are gone for good. This makes facing the bosses easier because that main threat is gone. You don't care about the souls anymore, just the boss that you must face alone. Oh, it's still hard, but that jolt of dying won't be as bad as losing that much souls.

Difficult boss the first time. Not so much with very little souls.

It's perfectly find to want a challenge. If you played a game enough times that thrill might be gone. This is the time where you feel confident enough to try it on a harder difficulty. You can make a game as complicated as you like, if you add an easy mode, that should be accessible enough. If you want to try things that you can't do in normal mode or higher, easy is perfect for that too.

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