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7:22 AM on 01.30.2009

No reason to live: Turok sequel is cancelled

Talk about the worst news EVAR! Yesterday I get one of the best (if not THE best) downloadable game and now this. There was UNANNOUNCED Turok 2 planned to come out and now the stupid recession stops it from happening. How dare they! Are they using their head at all?

Turok makers, Propaganda, is owned by Disney and that is the first place they go to make cuts. They were working on two projects and canned Turok 2, talk about stupid moves. Should we revel in the fact that the other game is still being worked on? No, cause it is probably a load of butt suck.

I don't think I can support Disney anymore. No more Lizzy Maguire dvd purchases, no more Even Stevens marathons, and definitely no more Hannah Montana in any way shape or form. I won't even look at her "sexy" pre-pr0n photos she posts on MySpace anymore. That is how much I am upset. I don't believe the CEO of that company knows how to run a company. They are missing out on a gold mine here.

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1:47 PM on 01.29.2009

My Video Game Dreams come true

Past the console/flame wars and suckage, there are amazing games out there. So many, it's pretty hard to find a game that doesn't cover some sort of "fantasy" a gamer could have. Of course minus the whole "sex fantasies." But when looking at all these games, all my video game dreams are true or about to come true.


The most obvious of them all is of course zombie killing. Killing zombies through the medium of video games has never been so easy. No longer do I have to pretend something is a zombie cause there are games dedicated to this amazing spectacule. What is better is I can do this with friends or even be them.

Yes, the zombie killing dream is none other than Left 4 Dead. Some others that lend themselves to this dream are the upcoming Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers and Burn Zombie Burn! Make you twice at another sleepwalker, huh?


Ever since I was a little boy, Aliens was an awesome movie. Actually it still is a sweet movie. And in the golden days I would have to stick to playing with the stellar action figures to act out my dreams. That is until Alien 3 came out. And soon enough there will be a new title to quench this hunger.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will be the snooze button to return to an excellent dreamful slumber. In dreams, no one can hear you scream...well that's not true since Mason talks in his sleep.


Besides video games, there is a world of music out there. Grand and full of uniqueness and copies/clones/redundant bands. Doesn't mean you can't do your own thing. Thankfully there is a wide range of "tools" or games to accomplish such a feat.

Electroplankton, Jam Session, E4, and KORG-DS 10 are four titles among a slightly larger lot that let's you accomplish the joys of actually making soothing sounds for sleep or party time.

No, Rock Band and Guitar Hero are not the among these titles. Those are "cool simulators" that let you play not so great songs. On the contrary, these titles let you actually make music. Understand the difference?


Another childhood dream is to set off on a crazy adventure. Exploring the jungle and adventuring into ancient places of the past. Who wouldn't want to be like Indiana Jones? Unfortunately most of his games are bollocks. But hope is not lost when you have Nathan Drake!

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is a cure for the explorers nightmares questing! Bring your own whip and hat.

The Force

Look at all these childhood memories coming back. Besides exploring the unknowns of the world, there is the unknowns of space. Being all held together by something greater than us is alluring. Plus who doesn't want to cut things up with a lightsaber or shoot lightning from your hands?!

Perhaps not the greatest of games, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed let you use the lightsaber and force powers like never before. The use of the force seemed greater than previous efforts like Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. Can you feel it?

Starship Troopers

There is one dream that has yet to come true. It has in the past but with mostly fail results. But the hope that this dream will come true will be fulfilled tonight. It may not be exact but killing large swarms of bugs will nonetheless be obtained. Rico's Roughnecks wouldn't have it any other way!

Although not an "official" Starship Troopers game in any way, Savage Moon consists of many things that will make that dream a realtiy. Military settlements on a distant planet, large defense weapons, and hordes of bugs coming in to kill! I can't wait!!!Brings a new meaing to "don't let the bed bugs bite!"

There are other game dreams that have been realized like Team Fortress 2 for epic team action or Gears of War for a little chainsaw fun. Wartime games with Killzone and dino-killing games Turok. High speed, futuristic racing on F-Zero GX and crashing cars in Burnout 2. And who can forget jerking a Wiimote/beam katana in No More Heroes? All these and more leaves me with the feeling of how great it is to be a gamer now.

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12:14 PM on 01.27.2009

Japan's newest fad (NVGR)


Always on the CUTTING edge of culture, Japan has a new commericial about the new fad that will sweep the world. Word is it that it is already present here in the state with little teens. I hear that SEGA is looking making it a video game based off it. It would fit on the Wii as well. If they can make this idea into a Wii game, I don't see why this would be any different!

Also, <3 Toyko Gore Police.   read

7:18 AM on 01.27.2009

Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers


I can't wait for this game wholeheartedly!!! Looks like a bloody good time, ha ha! What else do you need in a game? Nothing I tell you, nothing.   read

2:03 PM on 01.26.2009

Video Game Star, back in the day!


Back in the day, this video game star had some small rolls before he tested/made some sweet games. Check out some of his earlier careers (in one of the best movies ever made!). I guess we all know who to blame here, right?

The Abby Dooby.   read

6:50 AM on 01.23.2009

Why Dead Rising Wii is lacking in the zombie department...

Wow, it all makes sense now. How could I have been so blind! I guess if you don't buy this game you hate zombies. You don't hate zombies do you?

For full-sized image, hit up F@NBOYS.   read

2:00 PM on 01.22.2009

Awesome Shirt Thursday: I was so there!

It is a matter of fact. It is the God given truth. I was SO there. There isn't a thing you can say to prove I wasn't. Even pics can do this. But you have to ask yourself, were you there? Huh, were you? Not sure if I remember seeing you...but I could be wrong.

If you ever are in doubt, get one of these to make sure and let others know.

I so did come! If you did and haven't noticed the icon on at the top right of the home page, you can get your own over at SplitReason at a fair price. They also like to send me stickers with my bundle. <3

Oh yeah, there's a logo on the back with a url.

Yeah, I dare you to try and click it.

So, did you come?   read

10:50 AM on 01.22.2009

The scariest road sign you will ever see!

Honestly, if I saw this sign I can't honestly tell you what I would do. Of course I would be curious to go ahead and see what it was all about like any stupid person in a scary movie unlike My Bloody Valentine which was fail but common sense woudl tell me to turn around immediatly and go the other way.

So if you came across a sign that looked like this...

...what would you do?

Remember, it may be easy, but that doesn't mean you should hack one of these road signs. Who knows, something like Dead Rising 2 could happen then.   read

11:56 AM on 01.21.2009

Link jumps ship for 30 secs/Zelda on PSP?

ZOMG!!11!! The "mysterious" counter clock ticks right here but the big secret is revealed about the "upcoming" Zelda title to renew its roots. The only thing is that it is coming out on the PSP!

How can this be? Did Nintendo whore out their cash cow to Sony for a little bit of side bills and a helping hand? The world of fanboys would be completely and utterly ruined! But it is NOT cause triangles =/= Triforce and three triangles are not trademarked by Nintendo so anyone can use them not just Nintendo.

Now with that out of the way, let me introduce to the game from Marvelous the teaser was actually about. Yuusha 30 (Hero for 30sec.)

Check out full scan here

PSP action game that has four game modes. It is made with classes that play differently (duh?) and includ but not limited to: hero, princess, and knight. The trick to it is you only get to control them for 30 seconds each for each round.

One of the modes is the Hero mode that is a 2D side scroller with its very own sprite graphics. Prince mode is more like a vertical shooter. And for you old skoolers, there are RPG elements such as leveling up and field events. Man, Marvelous thought of it all, huh?

Now you understand why there is a clock? It isn't some game where you get to play as young and old Link. That was already made and called Ocarina of Time. Not to mention the clock resets after 30 seconds but who saw that part?

And yes it will probably be released in the US cause of this tidbit..

So, how much do you want?

[Via SiliconEra]   read

11:07 AM on 01.21.2009

Zero Punctuation: Goes on safari, likes zebras


Yahtzee dives into a wild world in Africa. Surprisingly there is no racism here. But something is kind of here, besides his seeming beginning infatuation with zebra, what's wrong with his voice? Is it just me or does he actually sound quite different in this one? Like he is trying to do something wierd with his voice?   read

7:57 AM on 01.21.2009

Eyes are Important, go to Jim Carlsberg's...


As a gamer, you will be using your eyes a lot. You have to see where to put the puzzle piece, where to jump, who to shoot, the people trying to weapon slide cause they suck at the game, etc. That is why it is important to keep your eyes well and maintain their pristine power.

That is why I recommend Jim Carlsberg's (one and only) Visionary Optical + Palace.   read

11:25 AM on 01.16.2009

ZOMG!1!1!!!1 L4D on PS3!1111!!!

Rumors, rumors, rumor rumors. Most of the time they are fake, most of the time they are real but this one just won't stay dead. SHOOT IT IN THE HEAD! Pics or it didn't happen is a common thing to say so here you go...

Can you wait for it?

How's that for a slice of fried gold? Need bigger pic?

Aim for the head. Pandemonium!!! We need to be somewhere more secure, somewhere on the ground, somewhere we can stay alive. But don't forget, if you get cornered, bash them in the head. That seems to work.

Don't worry too much, these are just BestBuy pre-order slips. So you got to ask yourself one question, really good photoshop or horrible marketing and advertising for a product that doesn't exist?

Crazy person to take that picture. I mean why would you want Gears of War 2 if you owned a PS3?   read

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