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BlindsideDork avatar 11:00 AM on 02.11.2009  (server time)
Jason Voorhees DID run before, Also Remake

Some people are a little butthurt about Friday the 13th Remake having Jason Voorhees running. Well so did the originals and after seeing the remake last night, no one should be complaining about him running or lack there of.

I think most people got upset when someone said, "Jason dead sprints." He dead sprints about as much as a big, clumsy, ogre can. His runnings are almost identical to the ones scene in this video. If anything, it seems like there is more running in Part 2 than the remake.

As for the remake itself, I guess it was okay but there was some issues. It didn't seem to flow well together. But I am anxious for the DVD release with the alternate cut which contains more gore, more sex, and supposedly additional storyline that makes it seem like a new movie. Hmm, what could they add? At least this movie wasn't overrun with CGI.

If you want to know more about the remake...SPOILERz!

The worst part about the movie is that it felt scrunched together. They tried to put too much in a 100 minute movie and there isn't enough time. It was 100% a remake...of the first three movies. I like to retitle this "movie" "Friday the 13th: Cliff Notes of Part 1-3". It contains the important parts of each film. In the first movie, all you needed was the last five minutes-check. The second one, the last thirty minutes were decent-check. And the rest is the third movie. So I am not sure if I would call it a movie but just cliff notes of the first three movies in visual format. would you call Spark Notes of Romeo and Juliet the book Romeo and Juliet?.

It didn't seem to create a character and was more so geared towards people who have seen the series. He was humanized and feelings of knowing him were there. There was no mystery of who he was like the originals had created. If it was for them, do you really need to "restart" it? As Cowzilla told me, they should've just done number 12 (13 if you could Freddy vs. Jason in the mix) and have a pre-setup like they had in this film but then done something new. And I agree.

But the true question to my problem with the been there, done that feeling with this Cliff Note is...can you really fault a remake for not being original? It feels like it is pretty much what you've already seen before but with fresher film? It isn't great, it isn't horrible. You just expect a bit more, but hey...there are some great pairS of bewbs in there and some fun parts as well as jump parts that will be sure to get a girl to jump in your arms. And isn't that the point of any scary movie?

2 1/2 Turoks out of 5 Turoks

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