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BlendyPen's blog

9:23 AM on 10.01.2010

Hey guys

So I haven't been blogging because my internet has been down, but I should have the latest one up sometime today. Stupid parents grounding me. Ha ha.

Good day, and happy gaming   read

9:20 AM on 09.23.2010

Trash Talking Online

So, my blog for rapid fire has been postponed due to the trash talking brought up last blog by randombullseye. I will eventually get back to the rapid fire talk later, but more pressing matters have arisen.

Now, I find that there is no way to put two sides to this argument (which I want to try to do), as I am too highly opinionated on this issue. Trash talking on Xbox Live or Playstation Network is a major issue. I find it hard myself to not talk back to these people, but I manage to remain civil. Some of these people are just talking to hear themselves talk and its annoying.

As soon as you do better than them in any game, youíre all of a sudden horrible. Itís a horrible fact, but it happens. People make up for their lack of skill or just a bad gaming day by talking down on you no matter how good you are. And you notice itís always the lowest scoring person in the lobby who brings up stuff.
The constant stream of negativity and vulgarity amuses, yet infuriates me. I find it funny to listen to others banter on and on about the other persons mother, whom they have never met, yet seem to know how promiscuous she actually is. I also find that it is the younger age groups (older elementary and middle school-ers) who talk the hardest. Yes, we all have made fun of them for their squeaky voices, but I hate how much they try to rag on everyone. The constant bickering between players is annoying, but there are easier ways to combat this than by adding to the problems.

For one, and this would be Microsoftís easiest solution, is report them. I know some of you may be the people that are constantly talking down on people, but I report people or file bad rep reports. I find that gaming has gone away from the civility that it really should be. Bad rep reports have affected the way I play. I believe Iíve been reprimanded twice by Microsoft and had my rep go down, once for trash talking, and twice for rage quitting. Iíve been on Xbox Live for over a year now, and the trash talk has just gotten worse.

Another solution, and a favorite of mine, is just mute those people. If youíre in a lobby that doesnít allow party chat, but youíre with some friends and youíre being tactical, mute everyone else. Situations like this arrive often for me, I love Hardcore Headquarters on Modern Warfare 2, but I canít use party chat. People constantly are going to be talking trash to each other, so just keep them muted. This choice for me is of course second to Party Chat.

I would rather listen to my friend complain about a Super Mutant in Fallout 3 than to hear some little kid telling someone else how far he got with some other guys mother.
So my question then becomes; Why? Why do we game in a community that believes constant trash talking is alright? That it has become the ďnormĒ for gaming today obviously is showing how we really are.
Anyway, thatís my rant for today. As always, leave your opinions as a comment. I appreciate the feedback and love ideas on what to do these blogs on. Go ahead, add me on Xbox Live, and just tell me youíre from Dtoid.

Tomorrows blog should go as scheduled and be Casual/Kickback gaming. Happy Gaming guys and gals.   read

11:59 AM on 09.22.2010

My Thoughts on QuickScoping in MW2

So, what is all the hype about quickscoping? Is it all that? In my opinion, no. It is fun however, for a private match. When I'm playing search, and I see a guy too worried about quickscoping ever opponent, Get up set. If you took the time and scoped in on a guy not even looking at you, we could have won that final round. But no, his pride got in the way.

And, if you get the game winning with an Intervention, and it isn't a quickscope, everyone in the lobby rags you for hardscoping. Isn't that the purpose of a sniper rifle? To have a scope and sit away from the battle, yet be a valuable asset? I get so annoyed by being ragged on for hardscoping, but if i use an M21 I'm accused of having a rapid fire mod. What the heck? I'm sick and tired of hearing at the end of match "Oh hardscope! You're a hard scoper!" Derp. I use a gun the way it was meant to be.

I enjoy quickscoping none-the-less, but in a private match. I don't enjoy doing it in a public lobby because I will get torn up by everyone not quickscoping. So yes, I have a quickscoping class. Yes I use it online, and yes I hardscope with it. In a private match, I will play quickscopes, but don't challenge me to a match because I suck. I admit it. I'm not good. I prefer every other sniper rifle to the Intervention, and I prefer light machine guns to them. So don't expect me to join a lobby and play quickscopes because everyone else is.

In short, stop being suck a try hard quickscoper and play the game. If you have a clear shot, take and don't worry about your ego or people shouting "hardscope." I could care less what I'm called, I just find it quite annoying.

So, I plan a blog everyday, and I want your opinions on what I should do it on. Tomorrows will be on rapid fire and accusations. Good day, and Happy Gaming   read

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