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South African gaming, anime, comics enthusiast. Likes to one day start a youtube channel chronicling gaming in South Africa. Favorite game: Persona 4. Favorite Anime/Manga: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Writes now and then about stupid, cool, interesting, controversial and down right random stuff.

Advocate for easier and swifter localisation of Video Games in EMEA (Europe, Middle Eastern & African) territories, and general advocate against the practice of region locking video games #noregionlock #antiregionlock

Student at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa , Majoring in English Studies and Social Anthropology.
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ATLUS games make great games from Persona to Etrian Odyssey, Shin Megami Tensei and Trauma Centre there is no doubt ATLUS has a huge amount of talent behind their name…it’s just a shame almost half the world never got to experience that talent. I’m obviously talking about ATLUS and their total disregard…no…shunning of EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) territories. Localisation has always been a touchy subject in the past with a lot of dangling threads of information…but come on, this is not the PS2 era anymore…things have changed, yet ATLUS have not. They are still stuck in a perpetual stasis with regards to European releases…with some games never getting released this side EVER, or taking almost FOREVER. The following will reflect on ATLUS’s misdeed with the hope it reaches some people and make them realize ATLUS can really be just as shitty as any other company.

Lack of a European publisher

ATLUS has been publishing their games in America since the early 90’s through their own publishing firm AtlusUSA. Why the hell is there not an ATLUS Europe? NipponIchiAmerica, ghostlight etc are doing a good job at “Localising: ATLUS games in the west, and I guess they need the work, but why the heck can’t ATLUS take the chance and open a branch in Europe? “But they are publishing Conception II in Europe themselves” yeah digital only with a TBA release date…also let’s not forget about the mess Devil Survivor Overclocked was…with ATLUS basically providing inferior code to Ghostlight, leaving the game to be a total mess…for us Europeans at least.

Fucking Region Locking Persona 4: Arena

It took more than a year for P4:A to come out in Europe…generally when fans can’t get it locally, we spend extra cash (Depending on exchange rates) and import…well crap…not this time nope. ATLUS is responsible for region locking a game on a system that prides itself with being region free. They said that it would not reflect future policies…I call bullshit, with Ultimax about to come out, it’s gonna be a cold day in hell (or Europe I guess) for Ultimax to NOT be region locked. I’ve spoken to John Hardin (ATLUS PR rep) basically he says they are trying their best for that not to happen…well why can’t they try their best with other stuff regarding Europe too?

ATLUS has a single PR rep that handles all complaints.

Get a European PR guy or something…Mr Hardin must be pretty pissed hearing complaints from us European peasants on his throne at ATLUS HQ in USA. When he does listen, all the king says is “Every game is different” “It’s complicated” and my personal favourite “Stop making assumptions” sure Lord Hardin, I’ll stop making assumptions, when you get of your ass and start really engaging with your companies “other” consumer base. Not just through twitter mind you. There are forums, reddit, facebook hell as a PR guy you can probably…I dunno…send out a Press release…maybe “It’s too complicated…where too niche” ok then… 

Shin Megami Tensei IV

Holy carp…yes I know this is kinda a running joke…and yes I know Nintendo is handling it…but jeez, maybe ATLUS should take out its tail from between its legs and actually stand up to Nintendo and tell the “Release it or Fucking cancel it” Enough is fucking enough…

Trauma Team

Yeah this one just really bugs me…always wanted that game…always wanted to play that game…but yeah, Sorry that I was born in the wrong territory ATLUS…hope I can get a green card to the States soon…


So yeah, I know I sound really spoiled and frustrated with this little piece…but to those American ATLUS fans reading this…would you not feel the same way if you were in my position…no Europe’s position, I’m not done with ATLUS. There games mean a lot to me, and Persona 4 literally changed my life and made high school just a little bit better…I just wish I never had to find out that the company that made my favourite game don’t  care to provide another one just like it because of the place I (and many others) where born at.

Today we live in a very pessimistic culture with regards to gaming, especially with regards to the companies that develop/publish the games that we love and love to hate. This is the first blog that I'm writing for Destructoid, so I thought "Hey why not throw myself in the deep end and talk about my favorite gaming companies". So here they are my top 5! (English is my second language, so forgive me if I have some grammar/spelling mistakes. PLEASE UNDERSTAND).

EDIT: For some reason the images I wanted to add aren't showing up…so this post will be text only at the moment

5. Tecmo Koei

Tecmo Koei is the developers/publishers of the awesome Warriors (Dynasty, Samurai, Gundam and Orochi) f and the equally awesome Dead or Alive franchises. They practically reinvented the beat-em up with the warriors franchise and provided a faster more streamlined fighting game that rivals Virtua Fighter as a true fighting simulator. Also, Virtual Boobies that would put classic Lara Croft to shame.

4. CyberConnect2

Developers of the .Hack series of JRPG’s and now famously known for The Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games, Asuras Wrath and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle. CyberConnect has proven that it is possible to blur the lines between anime and gaming. With an awesome knowledge of their source material CyberConnect 2 knows what the fans want and deliver in spades.

3. NIS America

Nippon Ichi is the developer of the amazing Disgaea series of games. They are also responsible for the best rougelike ever made (“Zettai Hero Project: The Unlosing Ranger vs Darkdeath Evilman”). The also handle the European localisation of a lot of ATLUS games (Because ATLUS can’t find Europe on a map even if they had it pointed out to them). So yeah, they’re awesome and they have the best mascot ever. The Prinny!

2. Namco Bandai

What do you get when you combine the company the brought us Tekken, Soul Calibur and the Tales franchise with one of the best toy companies ever? The answer is simple: The publisher of CyberConnect 2 games (Excluding Asura’s Wrath). Also publishes everybody’s favorite game Dark Souls and Tekken Revolution is actually a great free to 
play game…who would have thought!

1. Capcom

I’m probably going to have to dedicate an entire blog post on this subject alone. Let’s just say this company and its games have helped me through some of the toughest times ever. Rival Schools, Street Fighter, Megaman the list goes on. Capcom has had a lot of slips, but I continue to support them, because the thought of them not existing is like the thought of Nintendo not existing.