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Blast73 avatar 11:47 AM on 09.15.2012  (server time)
Minecraft Permadeath Run (MPR)

I have recently become interested in permadeath running video games after hearing about a brave few people peradeath running Far Cry 2. The few that do it seam to really enjoy the different gameplay permadeath running brings to the table. I wanted to experience this first hand so I purchased Far Cry 2 only to learn that it doesn't run very smoothly with my graphics card, so I decided to permadeath run Minecraft instead. This was made easy with the hardcore option which ends the game if you die, so no cheating either.

What I will be doing is cataloging my play through for as long as I live. I have only set up one rule for myself and that is that beds are not allowed. I want this to be as difficult as possible and I feel beds make it way too easy. I don't know the schedule that I will be doing this in but I will construct one soon. Besides, no one will read all of these anyway so it doesn't even matter.

So without further a due, here I go...

I put it on hardcore mode and I put my alias as the world generator so if you want to play in the same world, here you go.

When my eyes first opened to this new, wonderful, world I was surprised. Trees. Trees as far as the eye could see. I needed to find land with a less dense biome and maybe some hills to build a safe house. So I looked to the right and there was a lot of sand, and a hill, so that was cool.

I decided that the hill in the distance there would make a good home. It's very close to some trees, pretty high up, and I have a clear view for quite a distance.

I then stacked up some dirt to mark this hill as the one that holds my safe house. I've learned that being able to find one's way back home is very important when in such a hostile environment. So now to build my safe house. I will need sand and wood. I walked over to where I spawned, spent a few minutes getting as much wood as I could then went to collect sand, seeing as how it was right near my home. It was nearing nighttime and that beautiful, flowing Minecraft music was gnawing at my conscious to come back home, so I did.

The night started off relatively peaceful. Everything was fine in my home and I was occupying myself with tidying up.

But I had soon realized that I was getting very hungry and with no food in sight. I couldn't go out right now to get some because the creatures of the night would kill me before I made it ten feet. No, I had to wait for daytime.

As the sun came up, it burned a couple of zombies and gave me a small supply of food that was quickly devoured. But it was enough. Enough to find more food.

I decided to head back to where the trees where. More likely food would be there than in the desert. I wondered around for a bit, getting more tense as my food bar had nearly drained.

At last, Food! I slayed some chickens quickly and took a few bites, just enough to make it home and cook up the rest.

It was close but I had made it through and now I had enough food for a few days. Night was nearing and once again that soulful, angelic, Minecraft music started reverberating through my heart, inducing a euphoric state in which I decided to call it a day.

And that was my experience of the first two days.

I will be doing more of these until I die presumably. So see you next time friends.

Also any tips on how to do this better would be welcome, give me all the constructive criticism you can.

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