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Blast73 avatar 9:20 PM on 12.17.2012  (server time)
Minecraft Permadeath Run 2 (MPR)

So after a long 2 month break I decided to come back to my permadeath run. My first part is here. One thing I have tried to do is cover much more gameplay in one article.

When I loaded the world back up, this is what I was looking at.

I went outside and checked what I had to work with. Not too much. It seems that the first thing I need to do is reinforce my house and get a stable mine going.

As soon as I started mining this happened. That sand came out of nowhere and almost killed me. Always remember to not mine directly up in case anything falls from directly above. It was getting late so I went back home to wait out the night.

Ahh, the morning sun. So beautiful.

Afterwords I decided to set up a better mine. I knew that I would be down here for a while if I could find some coal so I built a door to keep out any monsters come night time. Now it's time to dig in and mine. (terrible pun)


So I've dug down pretty far and from the sounds I've been hearing this mine I came across isn't too friendly. I will proceed cautiously since a death means a permanent death.

Okay, I just killed three zombies and a skeleton, didn't give me too much trouble but this mine is full of coal and iron, but my last pickaxe is almost broken so I will return to my house and refuel.

Refueling done, I now head outside to find... Two Ender men and two Creepers outside of my mind. I'm going for it. I made it safely. Time to mine some more.

So the mine shaft that I found is really massive and full of iron. This may take me a while to map it all out in my mind. But as I turned around, I saw this, my heart is still pumping and I managed to unpause it quickly enough to grab this screen.

And now to run away really really fast.

I made it out alive and as it stands right now this is my inventory.

I forged some armor with my treasures and log off for the night.

So much for covering more gameplay, eh.

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