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Sorry if I come off blunt, I do not mean to offend, but this review is garbage and you might turn someone away from the game who would really enjoy it. You seemed more focused on ripping it a new one and swearing instead of jumping straight into it.

I've put many hours into this game, and all I can chalk this review up to is sensationalist journalism. Yes the stat pages are confusing and the online is a bit of a hassle, but if you join a good clan you can avoid a lot of that and just hop straight into the game.

Even if that doesn't work, you can always do Free Battles and get some pick-up Team or Battle Royal (that's how BAMCO spells Royale lol) games.

In short, if you are interested in getting this game, take it from a real Armored Core fan, there are some frustrating aspects but the lowest I'd give it for someone who hasn't played a mech game or an AC is like a 6.5 or a 7. For me this game is sitting in the 8-8.5 + range.

This review really screams "Come give our site clicks", you should really just take it down because someone who might have a lot of fun with this game might just pass on it, I know I was about to, but I don't trust gaming review sites and now I don't take this site seriously at all.

Maybe go give the game another chance or just take this review down, sorry dude but you really don't have any clue what you're talking about. Your biggest gripe besides the online was the convoluted part stats, but if you press the Y button and then select it gives you an explanation of all the stats and what they do.

The learning curve is about 1 week, but good to know Destructoid rushes with their reviews and posts sensationalist BS like this.