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BlackwinterM4 avatar 6:42 AM on 02.15.2013  (server time)
Victim of the Yellow light of Death

My PS3 died from the somewhat rare Yellow-light of death that is particular to the launch series of the PS3 Fat. I've been dry from current gen games for over a month. I've been getting my gaming fix from facebook games (god help me). HOPEFULLY I'll get a new PS3 with alot of memory and resume my gaming glory!

Not much else to say. Its kinda ironic that I lose my playstation in January and been game deprived for a month. And will buy a PS3 just after the PS4 is announced. As for the PS4 controller. It looks promising. Its not a radical departure from the current standard PS3 controller. So there is hope. They just better bring the games. And I hope Call of Duty gets their act together after Black Ops 2. And the next Call of Duty is PS3 exclusive DLC or there is NO console exclusivity like the Grotesque Microsoft deal. And a Fallout 4 is announced for PS4. I would be happy with either or. I don't care about God Of War, Uncharted, or any other PS3 franchise.

The ONLY game I'm excited about this year is Darkstalkers Ressurrection. A FUCKING $15 DLC game that is a touched up port of a classic PS1 game. Darkstalkers 3 is one of my FAVE games of all time. And the chance to play Night Warriors: Darkstalkers 2!!!!! Unless you had played the arcade or owned the Sega Saturn. You've never played it. I've NEVER played this game! I am SO excited to retake a game from my childhood back! That and to play BOTH games in HD!!! HELL YA!!!!

What else besides the next COD is there for me to be excited about? Aliens Colonial Marines? I WAS interested in it until I saw the reviews. Now I WILL buy the game when its in the bargin bin used or whatever. But I am not buying it full price. And I am ONLY buying it because the lead character has the same last name as me. That's a bizzare personal reason to buy a maligned game. But hey its something to buy along with Homefront which should be like $20 or so now. So when Aliens is $20 or less. I WILL BUY IT.

But there are NO games besides Darkstalkers Resurrection and the next COD that I am excited about. That's how lame 2012 was for me.

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