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Black Nexus avatar 8:49 PM on 03.08.2009  (server time)
The routine : how family can affect gaming

FYI You will have a better grasp of this c-blog if you have brothers and or sisters whom you grew up playing games with.

I own killzone 2 ,just got persona 3 fes and rouge galaxy, and its double exp weekend in world at war, so I had to ask myself WHY ON EARTH AM I PLAYING POKEMON( while I'm typing even). I'll tell you why ,my brother.

As some of you may know pokemon platinum comes out march 22 and he made his intent known in my residence that he would be making a purchase and asked me if I was getting it ( with a bit of a smirk on his face).Now I know what this, this face means I hope your getting it too so we can restart this famous ( at least in my house ) rivalry that goes back to the red and blue version days, in that I bought both versions ( one for each of us ) and a link cable just to see whom had the higher leveled Bigcockizard ( thanks y0j1mb0 for that one) and then proceded to trade ( I can't tell you how many pokemon I lost to the void )with each other so we could go screw over our freinds.

So here I am by a whim of almost nothing were gonna start this all over again and I have gone so far as to alter my routine.

Guess I should explain that, my routine is the 7 or so games I happen to be playing at the moment,you know the rotation, the line-up whatever you call it ( I've convinced myself every gamer has one ). Considering all the games I've recently added to my collection it would really take something to make me add a year old game to my routine. But here I am grinding through the elite 4 ( FIVE, I DON"T CARE IF YOUR THE CHAMP IF YOUR BLOCKING MY WAY TO THE HALL OF FAME IT SHOULD BE CALLED THE ELITE FIVE) and I was amazed that such a little gesture would hold so much power over my gaming routine. but here I am. Now if you'll excuse me my bigcockizard is 6 levels away from lvl 100 and I still have other pokemon to train hard because my brother doesn't realize that a party consisting of all legandaries might piss someone off ( if you ever go online and fight someone using a lugia,ho-oh.groundon,mew,mewtwo,and palkia it was him, and yes htere is a gmesharked emerald version in my house but I just used it to get lugia, man I miss my silver version ).

but I have to ask this question am I the only one who has ever had a pokemon, battle arena toshinden, street fighter 2, virtual cop tornament just to prove you can out play your brother.

There might be a reason somewhere in this article as to why I like hunting trophies.

P.S for those of you who don't know the void is that space between link cables were pokemon get lost and never find there way out ( put your ear to the cable you can hear the cry's). I'm just thankful the ds has wi fi.

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