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Black Nexus avatar 1:08 PM on 02.19.2010  (server time)
Friday Night Fights: Jimbo fell and he can't get up edition

Welcome to Friday Night Fights our weekly get together where we go online and pummel fools in the name of destructoid and come back to this post to brag about it. For those of you who donít know me Iím Nexus, resident Armored Core master of destructoid , and the person who starts up those text chats every FNF. I know what your about to say, wait you donít have a massive beard nor do you have a katana, whereís that guy?

Well you see y0j1mb0 actually managed to get his family out of the house, upon celebration of this he hurt his back like any old man and is now confined to his couch, with enough power left in him to crawl to his bathroom and fridge, donít worry about him though, heís to busy playing the new resident evil 5 DLC to care much about the pain.

Unfortunately his computer isnít within crawling distance, and so he embarked upon psn to find a host, Moose was joining him in the DLC marathon so he was out, Takeshi was drunk, Shipero is in lala land somewhere, and pikeman is too busy eating cereal, leaving me as the only functioning set of motor skills at the time, so for the fist time ever Iím running the show tonight.

So letís get started.

the around the clock specials

M.A.G (Host if your raven Elsa PSN: Elsa if your not raven we donít care about you) ALL NIGHT
Wanna feel like a team of unstoppable badasses? Wanna fight off a literal army of players, then M.A.G is for you, join us to see what it looks like when 256 people decide to hate each other with guns.

White Night Chronicles (Host Y0j1mb0 PSN:K0wb0y B33b0p) All night again
Come join us in the trouncing of monsters with our sharp beating sticks, show off your town and be ashamed of it once you see Moosehole land.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Host: Y0j1mb0 PSN: K0wb0y B33b0p) @ 7 P.M
Up first is MvsC2 for all you early birds out there, pick from the greatest heroes and villains in the marvel and capcom universes, and watch them lose to me, Ironman, Captain America, Wolverine, Spiderman, Juggernaut and whoever else I feel like messing you up with.

Resident Evil 5( Host: the old guy with the sword again PSN:K0wb0y B33b0p) @ 8 P.M
Jimbo and Mooshole have been going nuts over the DLC, So join them in their quest to make the undead ( or infected I donít Know anymore) dead again.

Borederlands Mad Moxxieís Underdome cheapfest( Host: Black Nexus PSN: Nexus14) @ 9 P.M
Nexuses random pick of the night, I tried to go through this myself but failed, So Iím looking for a team of lvl 50 players to come help me shut that she clown whore up for good, besides who doesnít want more trophies.

MW2 (Host Me again PSN: Nexus14) @ 10 p.m
A game filled to the brim with glitches, but fun none the less , join me as I use my goku like teleportation skills to knife someone halfway across the battle field and get cussed out for it.

SOCOM( Host: the bearded one once more PSN:K0wb0y B33b0p) @11 P.M
Respawns are for little girlie men, join us in playing a MANís game where getting Tillyed in the skull results in a bit more cursing than usual, and watch as a give a few loserís new holes to crap out of courtesy of my ALICE.

Well there you have it, the games are here, and the time's are set now let's get out the and do some REAL SOVIET DAMAGE.

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