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Black Nexus avatar 7:34 PM on 01.20.2009
A fresh new guy

(and I come with a free side of sarcasm) hey, black nexus here and truth be told I've been reading the articles on this site for a while ( 6 months) so I thought to my self hey sharing your my opinions might help someone out, or at least make someone laugh.

So about seven months ago I started lookin for a site to blog on. I started out on ign ( bad idea) and then looked around at the feed ( WORSE IDEA ) but I eventually I ended up finding this site. I read the comments and laughed so hard I kinda forgot why I started lookin for these websites. I remembered today so here I am.

I own all current gen systems and most of the past ones. Im always ready to go on psn but due to
" technical issues" I wont be on xbox live any time soon.So with that in mind heres to good times.

PSN ID: Nexus14
Wii friend code: to long to remember i'll get it later

Tagged:    cblog    PS3  

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