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Bizznet avatar 10:54 PM on 07.10.2008  (server time)
Wii knockoff: Zone Wireless Gaming

When going to grab some food at a local store, I found this:

I've heard of the Vii and the Vii 2, and I never thought I would ever see a Wii knockoff face to face. I brought it to the counter and paid for it. I brought it home and set it all up. I turned on my newly acquired Zone Wireless Gaming 16 bit 7-in-1 Sports Pack console and was quickly disappointed. This bastard needs batteries, but not just any old double-A's. THREE triple-A's are needed for EACH controller, not to mention 4 AAA's for the "console" itself. Well, I went out and got some damn batteries.

Here are some pictures of the unveiling:

I decided to do a writeup of each game in the "Sports pack":

TV Boxing

This is the only game out of the bunch that allows a single player to use both controllers. But since I didn't buy enough batteries for both remotes, I'm just punching southpaw. Now, the control really sucks. I found myself waving the thing in the air to punch, and when my arms got tired I ended up using the buttons on the controller. There's no way to control where your punches are going to land, so pressing one button all the time insures your victory. There's a power bar that's pretty useless and the health bar graphics get messed up every once in a while. Sometimes there aren't any sound effects when punches are thrown. The art style is really lame and there's only a few frames of animation. The best part about this game is when choosing the boxer you want to fight, the game says "CHOOSE YOUR POWER" a-la Double Dribble.

VR Tennis

I tap the button and I win every time.

EXTREME Power Soccer

You have to choose what player you want and what team to play before you can play this great simulator. The aim of the game is to line up these two yellow markers in a window in the corner of the screen. After shooting ten balls into the net in Practice mode, the game prompts you to "KEEP PRATICING" You have to press reset on the machine to get back to the "game" list. Technique mode has you bouncing a soccer ball in front of the same background. Oh, whenever you hit the ball, a sign comes up saying "WINERS SPORT". In Player VS Computer, you and the computer take turns kicking the ball into the net. It's impossible to block the ball because where you move is random.


It's got a meter along the bottom of the screen like in Mario Golf, but guess what, it doesn't matter where the marker lands, you'll always make it to the green. All of the courses are the same, and the addition of choosing which club to use is a little excessive in my opinion.

World Series Baseball

There's a neat animation when it starts up, but it all goes downhill when the screen tells you to press enter and you're looking all over the controller for the "enter" key, and all you can find is "start". Someone decided to put the ESPN logo on one of the billboards.

Table Tennis

It's the same as VR Tennis. Boring.


Remember Wii Bowling? Remember how fun it was lo line up your shots and score and all that shit? Well, this is nothing like that, because Wii Bowling was fun. This back alley abortion passed off as "bowling" is anything but fun. You have to get the marker in the middle to get a strike. If you want to score a spare, you shoot the ball on the left, then on the right. The most entertaining thing is that one of the playable characters, Daniel looks like Dr. Breen.

Some of these games have awesome 80's and 90's "radical" music, like Power Rangers and some shit, and others don't have any music at all. Don't buy this game. I'm bringing it back for a refund tomorrow.

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