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Bizznet avatar 12:42 PM on 09.01.2008  (server time)
Video Game Violence: Scapegoat for Bad Parenting

Captain Obvious here saying:

After reading what Perrin Kaplan had to say, I just wanted to say this and crawl back in my hole.

Video games are no god damn substitute for parenting. No one talks to their kids these days, instead it seems that people plant their kids in front of the XBox and f*ck off. If the kid turns out to be f*cked up in head and causes harm to himself and/or others, it's likely that parents will blame the video game rather than themselves.

If their freakish bastard child holds target practice at his/her school, will parents ask themselves what they should have done to prevent this? Hell no. They're wonderful parents, and he was a little angel until they installed that computer machine in his room because little Timmy would have never done anything like that if he didn't play Counter-Strike! "I mean sure he was a loner, and was bullied in school, and he had low marks, and he talked back to his elders, but that's because of Doom, dammit!"

Well, how did he get the game in the first place? Were the parents monitoring his behavior? How about checking what websites he browses? Have the parents ever tried talking to their kids, finding out what's on their minds, and maybe helping them through any emotional strife he/she is going through? Whenever he acts out could it very well be a plea for help?

Adolescence is such an important time in a child's life, and parents need to show their children that they're there to help them anytime with any problem they have to face whether they want to or not. Many parents don't seem to be showing much moral support for their kids anymore, and they wonder why Junior shot up his high school.

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