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I'm looking for people to play with at the following Wii and DS games:

Mario Kart Wii
Smash Bros Brawl

Mario Kart DS
Pokemon Pearl/Diamond
Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass

I'm kind of fail at competitive gaming, but I'll never drop out of a match.

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-not-roms on my not-hacked PSP
-Lost Odyssey
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-Contra 4

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After listening to a back episode of "RetroforceGO!", I heard that Chad Concelmo used to draw pictures of Wily bosses he'd made up. I'm just going to go on record and say that I was even nerdier than Mr. Concelmo. I used to draw Mega Man ALWAYS. I used to play, draw, eat, shit, and dream Mega Man. Hell, I thought the Ruby Spears Mega Man series was GOOD, just because it was a cartoon about the blue bomber.

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It all started when I was just a baby sitting beside my Dad while I watched him play the original Mega Man on the NES. I have fond memories watching him die over and over on Guts Man's stage. I failed even harder when I was given the controller, but there was something about Mega Man that I absolutely loved. Maybe it was the fact that I could choose any level I wanted from the get-go, or that I thought Mega Man looked like a monkey in blue tights. Regardless of the reason, I was sucked right in.

Almost every day of my childhood was spent playing Mega Man. When I beat Hard Man for the first time, I ran to my Mom and said "Hard Man is hard!" LOL memes. My brother and I took turns trying to beat the robot masters. We shat our pants trying to get through Quick Man's stage with the lasers.

I loved Skull Man's level. For some reason it was spooky seeing those enemies throw bones at me. Skull Man was also a bitch to bring down, but I eventually got that asshole.

I had an issue of Nintendo Power that had an ad for Mega Man 5 and I was so stoked to try it out. I never could get my hands on it for another few years. I f*cking love the level design in that game(except Crystal Man, he and his level can die in a fire). the stages always kept me coming back to Mega Man 5. Even though many people see it as one of the weaker games in the series, who DOESN'T like Gravity Man's stage?

I didn't mind Mega Man 6, I thought the bosses were a little lame, like Flame Man, and Blizzard Man, and let's not forget PLANT Man. Yeah, like Mega Man is seriously going to have any trouble bringing down a flower. Good job Robot Master designers.

In closing, Mega Man was the series that ruined my childhood. I love that little blue monkey.

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